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11/23/2020Cornhole. lol. love 99
11/22/2020Thx for watching phone resurrection!
11/22/2020Thank you for the Freemason help :-) TN Patriot
11/21/2020Appreciate your info!!!Thanks very much!~Fluffy Pancakes
11/21/2020Iodine thread xoxo sseess
11/21/2020Nothing to be sorry about. Great post about vits
11/21/2020Good post!
11/21/2020Have a good weekend! ~ ItsMaKa2
11/21/2020Thank you for confirming "no scar"
11/21/2020Good thread on supplements. -Shamrock00007
11/21/2020Thanks for reminding me I need iodine ;)
11/21/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
11/21/2020Have a blessed Thanksgiving! <3 LittleMe <3
11/20/2020Murder Hornet Green - FlyOverLand
11/20/2020Fuckin catsuit man! instaboner. Oak Redhammer
11/20/2020Iodine/magnesium ~Interested_1
11/20/2020Green - grove street
11/20/2020Thank you for the magnesium and iodine advice. I take iodiine, but looked up your info and leaned it wasn't enough. Thanks! - Green Eggs
11/20/2020Nutrient thread
11/19/2020Another great thread- "2 nutrients you are missing" ~SWOOPSTER~
11/18/2020Spishak razor! - TDP2
11/17/2020Good Post on Covid thread...ThirstyMarli​n!
11/14/2020Very helpful
11/12/2020Reported Abusive Post
11/9/2020Good post, with links for getting involved with MAGA march.
11/9/2020Reported Abusive Post
11/3/2020Alpacalips was here spreading good cheer!
11/1/2020Zeitgeist, the Movie. Spot on post, ingnore the naysayers. They are clueless, and hung up on the fable of a god
11/1/2020Reported Abusive Post
10/27/2020Cheers to your old nan.
10/25/2020AggregateThreat was here
10/25/2020Back at ya..thanks. FLASH
10/24/2020Excellent thread on "Right to Repair"....Granny
10/24/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
10/24/2020For you comment and videos on the ev hummer thread ICEY/SNOWIE
10/16/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
10/15/2020Creative mind. Cool. pool :)
10/15/2020From Michibama
10/13/2020Someone at work did you a favor. Heard you with your problem getting it paid for, did the work for free. They can't tell you, because shop rules require them to charge. So be quiet and enjoy y
10/13/2020Reported Abusive Post
10/11/2020Double blind test in Toronto not, great post, thanks. LTHN.
10/9/2020Free the mask MySoul
10/9/2020Reported Abusive Post
10/7/2020Reported Abusive Post
10/6/2020LoL, Green----Terrebonne
10/5/2020Good comments thanks ~~sseess
10/5/2020Finally someone with a brain! :) (your comment in the mask thread) vAv
10/5/2020Excellent post on masks and oxygen levels ~ Zovalex
10/4/2020Early hardcore treatment - nice!
10/4/2020For the truth.
10/4/2020Thanks <3 Em
10/1/2020Helping out with the ban piggybank. akaSuzanne
9/27/2020You know your stuff thumbs up
9/27/2020You’re on a microscopic whirling blue ball, hanging upside down screaming through space.
9/25/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
9/24/2020Thanks. Pepperroni
9/22/2020From Michibama
9/21/2020Posting a link
9/20/2020God bless our military- abeliever
9/17/2020Green for you.
9/17/2020Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
9/16/2020Green for the "Double blind trial in Toronto Nursing home proves a single dose Ivermectin protects against Covid19" thread from WGON.
9/16/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
9/16/2020Thanks for ivermectin dosing help!~Fluffy OPancakes
9/15/20201959. The 60's were an awesome time to grow up in. I'm glad we got to experience it. we're very blessed.
9/15/2020Everyone should research this!!! I did, it's your turn now.
9/14/2020Ivermectin - YESS!!! Kamchatka
9/13/2020Thanks for the great banner suggestions ! TRUMP 2020 -Norske
9/13/2020Reported Abusive Post
9/13/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
9/11/2020Welcome green from flashbuzzkill
9/3/2020ThanX 4 comments
8/11/2020Voice of reason on deredcho thread - Kamchatka
6/29/2020I just pooped in my pants
5/16/2020Dude WTF meow thanks for existing
1/28/2020Shut the fuck up
1/28/2020When you get to hell, i'll be waiting with the flame thrower and pictures of your ex
1/20/2020Thanks for posting in my swatt thread, have a great week, savcash
1/17/2020Some moran that can't read called me a flattard too. cheers, jj johns
1/16/2020Touche! :) ~SLC
1/16/2020From Michibama
1/16/2020Flat tard
1/15/2020Reported Abusive Post
12/30/2019Abusive post
12/29/2019From oatmeal
12/26/2019You are one ignorant moron. you seem to lack the ability to think or reason. wake up retard.
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