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Zenmen's Karma

Total: 19 (19  User Votes) and 10

4/8/2021You will never make it
4/5/2021Truth about POS Putin
4/5/2021Coolone - NESERA insight
1/23/2021Sending love, light, and gratitude ~ zenergy
1/23/2021Very nice thread you hosted!....Zenobia ;-)
1/23/2021Sending you much Love. ~ Triteia
1/23/2021Thank you
1/23/2021Cool thread
1/23/2021Thank you. I have the zen and yogi books in my cart now. Ceorl
1/23/2021Truly unusual to see someone sticking to their thread post as promised. Five stars! Sloane
1/22/2021You only think you are woke.
1/22/2021Another moran who thinks he has all of the answers. Little does he know.
1/22/2021Dbag larping cuck
1/22/2021Truth without fear or hope
1/22/2021Something is wrong with people like you.
1/22/2021The only question I have is Do You Believe Your Own Bullshit?
1/22/2021Jesus is GOD!
1/22/2021Be gone false prophet
1/22/2021From Atlantis Rising
12/9/2020Hurrr durrr
11/22/2020Ineresting zeldannie
8/23/2020Thank you for th elink to the White Tara Mantra and your help to Lg MySoul
8/23/2020Thanks for the help and enjoy the upgrade - Love Goddess

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