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Bar20's Karma

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6/16/2021Piss off tard
6/16/2021Nope. It's wrong
6/16/2021People like you are what perpetuates the LGBTQ agenda, shame on you for influencing our young generations of men by thinking it’s okay for men to dress like women. It is a sickness
6/15/2021Your opinions on dresses and pants are retarded. Keep your lesbian bullshit to yoursef
6/15/2021Disgusting libtard.
5/3/2021MAGA! ~A Oakley
4/5/2021Thanks for the clappa - larphillips
3/15/2021Vaxx-tards gonna inject
3/8/2021Thank you for the bump
6/26/2020They all went crazy...Lance from BC
5/12/2020Masks Are Useless Foolish Sheep

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