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Captain Texas's Karma

Total: 7 (7  User Votes) and 78

1/2/2022Justice for cash
11/30/2021Justice for Cash, have they stuck the coon?
10/28/2021Look at me I'm a DERP look at me I'm a TROLL look at me I need ATTENTION!
10/18/2021Lead This !! This one is brainwashed by the Elite.
10/12/2021Justice for cash
10/7/2021Low IQ - No skill in 1 st grade level English ! deserves all the RED it has!
10/5/2021Your a fucking retard... exit the human gene pool please.
9/10/2021Justice for cash
7/30/2021Justice for cash
7/9/2021Justice for cash
6/15/2021What about the right. Man stfu you stooge
6/15/2021Darriynn will burn soon, suicide in his cell
5/13/2021Captain fuckface.
5/6/2021Well put - Greyzone
5/2/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/2/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/2/2021Low IQ poster
4/21/2021You are and ignorant fool.
4/20/20219 min or not your anti white hate is what fuels demonic place here you worship demonic being hate is wrong.
4/20/2021Dirtbag Commie
4/20/2021Doesn't understand US legal system..judge or jury
4/19/2021Low IQ poster
4/19/2021Comme scum roots for an illegitimate braindead moron.
4/19/2021Well balanced
4/17/2021Opinions, we are each entitled to our own and Faux Joe sucks and is as criminal as they come
4/9/2021President Select Faux Joe sucks bg time, he's a criminal that's why he is where he is
3/30/2021Just adding to your red karma because you're an idiot
3/16/2021Great post on "communist" black Americans and "oppressed" (white Americans).
3/16/2021How could it be any worse than what Biden/dems are doing?
3/15/2021Go away, AC
2/25/2021One day the lord is going to drop a big block of ice on your head.
2/23/2021Pussy communist cunt warning -Gummedchromeroller
2/19/2021Stop pretending to be a Texan, your probably from NY or CA, you fucking Prick!!!!
2/6/2021Thanx for making it clear that disinformation and statism go together like Thomas Hobbes and Satan.
2/3/2021Born an idiot
1/18/2021This guy isn't really from Texas.
12/28/2020Russian red for you, since you seem obsessed with it.
12/28/2020You disrespect the name Texas
12/19/2020We didn't need to hear about your tit f@ck fantasies involving Kamala, weirdo.
12/15/2020Cocksucker gonna cocksuck
12/13/2020Guerilla warfare is very productive in an urban environment
12/11/2020Oh, its this poo pusher from Austin again. Bite Bidens bag more gently and maybe he'll give you a lollipop.
12/7/2020Captain Communist Dipshit
11/20/2020I have a bone in steak for your big ole Texas ass, right here bitch boy.
11/13/2020Thumbs up for the truth
11/13/2020Fuck your feelings
11/13/2020Speaking Truth
11/12/2020You have no clue
11/9/2020Real Texans don't hold up white flags for Communists . Fake alert!
11/9/2020Troll Alert!!!!
11/9/2020CCP Shill
11/9/2020F u
11/8/2020Private Texas. Pedodent Biden is your lover
11/8/2020For being an idiot
11/8/2020Trump is President until Jan 20 Dipshit. He has all the power.
10/28/2020You’re no Texan
7/2/2020No U
7/2/2020Dumb Asssssssssss
6/17/2020More red moran-C4T
6/10/2020Here's some more red for you pinko commie racist swine.
6/10/2020Yes you will
5/31/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/30/2020Inferior genetics and small brain to go with it.
5/30/2020Fuck you
5/10/2020Nipsey is cgi ! ... mollz
4/29/2020Have one from me Captainfaggella.

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