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Phase-Sphere's Karma

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10/24/2023Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
8/28/2017Sounds right!
1/22/2014Steely dan - horse with no name
1/9/2014I like it _Shinbone
12/24/2013Merry Christmas from a Lump (under a carpet) :)
12/20/2013Good morning. :) from pi/Az
12/20/2013Merry christmas from green_girl!
12/19/2013Merry Christmas! krystal
11/21/2013Great post on the Gov knew of ISON in 2004 thread. Very interesting about old timer posts. - Eireann~
11/21/2013For gas-lighting
11/20/2013For continuing to discuss about the original topic in the ISON thread. OP had a good find. Too bad the thread got derailed.
11/18/2013Thank you for that song WORDS DARKER THAN THEIR WINGS! Krystal
11/10/2013Green from pi / Az :)
11/10/2013From green_girl
11/5/2013Thank you... LP
11/1/2013Green karma for your great avatar!
10/30/2013Thank you for the love. Paige :)
10/25/2013Karma drive by! Rev Woo-Woo
10/12/2013Love your smilies, ghostrunner
10/3/2013Green from pi / Az :)
10/1/2013Returning the green - El_Duderino
8/9/2013Hopper! - Rev StarGazer
8/5/2013Love the Swans...Chas..
8/5/2013Thx for the pic - Chrit
7/29/2013SpiderJones was here!I am leaving GLP- bye and good luck always!
7/22/2013Awesome image linked in ISON thread! - CoTA
7/19/2013Wonderful graphic!
6/12/2013Green from Az Axo :)
6/8/2013TYVM for your post! - CoTA
6/4/2013Thank you ~ A Friend
6/4/2013Peaceful green from Az Axo :)
6/3/2013Green day! SpiderJones
5/12/2013For Mrs Palm and her 5 daughters
4/19/2013Go green or stay home-SpiderJones
1/10/2013One of the first Names I remember since I arrived at Glp - Much Respect to you Phase,One Sphere is better than none hey!? : ) - 'Cesium.
1/1/2013Happy New Year ~ Anti Vortex
12/29/2012Happy New Year green for you!- SpiderJones
12/8/2012Blue Skies was here
11/29/2012Hope you are doing well. Love Blue Skies
9/8/2012Ahhhh that Hendrix pic is just superb. Sloane
8/28/2012Spread the karma, shellbe
8/21/2012Hello Phase,How did you get J.Holmes Pic into a 2010 Comment on the Comet Holmes Thread Without a 'Edited At'? : ) - 'Cesium.
8/18/2012Love you....Blue Skies
8/18/2012Your life matters!~Luna
8/18/2012Welcome Back-...THE INQUISADOR_
8/17/2012Fellow Dark Tower fan? Nice! M.David Power
7/2/2012Blue Skies sends you some green
6/19/2012Blue Skies was herer
6/16/2012Peace to you my friend...ASLEEPNOMORE​
6/11/2012Blue Skies sends you some green
6/5/2012A little green for the Venus Transit. - Six Six Six
6/5/2012Nice images
5/29/2012Blue Skies was here
5/26/2012Karma Green for you friend!!~Vesper33~
5/23/2012Awesome Pictures : ) - 'Cesium.
5/18/2012Blue Skies sends karma
5/16/2012Love Angels :)
5/14/2012Green back at ya...LooK`n
5/14/2012Cycle Of Love and Peace Force(~) tSJ ty 4 sharing your Wisdom with Us, kind Spirit
5/14/2012Good post-Marketselloff
5/14/2012Wow very nice universe image, very cool....Pillbug
5/12/2012Right back at ya. :-) -Who.
5/11/2012Friday Green karma from Bowman!
5/9/2012Blue Skie hugs coming your way
5/7/2012Because your pics are always STUNNING!~Luna
5/5/2012Thanx for the vids
5/5/2012Hilarious Pic of Obomney - ADEND
5/5/2012Green for you!! Joker
5/4/2012Throwin some green at ya Keats
5/3/2012Green for You : ) - 'Cesium.
5/1/2012Hugs and love-Blue Skies
4/28/2012With these hands, so shall we weave a tapestry of love, friend. ~Expertofsound
4/28/2012Thank you for the beautiful violin pic /tarfonwxx <3
4/28/2012Earth420 :)
4/28/2012R.I.P Bill Hicks..."WHAT YOU READING FOR..." MPH2012
4/27/2012Great shot of the CME. ( : Merci
4/26/2012Kate :)
4/26/2012I like Torus. WeAreONe.
4/26/2012Lot of love to YOU. 141
4/18/2012Love your hot sky pic.. wow!....my2centsworth​
4/15/2012Blue Skies was here
4/10/2012You're the Universes Cycle of Force > the Force of Love and Peace(~) tSJ
4/10/2012Great picture -Erekt
4/10/2012Boom Boom...;)
4/6/2012Blue Skies sends karma
3/27/2012Nice pic of Jimi, dear Universal Spirit < Peace be with You(~) > tSJ
3/26/2012For love 141
3/26/2012For lovely things said on my alcohol thread... Mishka xx
3/26/2012Your images are always so appropriate Phase-Sphere. Sad preacher Not. ~Z
3/26/2012Hi phase! <3 xen
3/23/2012Good info. btw cool pictures
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