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Silvercords's Karma

Total: 36 (36  User Votes) and 13

9/8/2023Lots of people under mind control these days.
8/24/2023Kick ass Thursday GREEEN!!!! HAwk-03
7/7/2023KARMA BLAST! Hawk-03
7/6/2023From one out of your gang of stalkers. We are watching you here
7/3/2023Take some meds, FFS. Go back to school and learn how to write a coherent fucking sentence.
6/19/2023Watermelon Karma. HAwk-03
5/21/2023Right on. love 99
5/11/2023Nice of you to sign in as an AC and shit post then use this account to virtue signal. What a spineless, gutless loser you are, fuck boy. In real life as well I'll bet, you piece of shit.
4/26/2023Hump day karma blast! Hawk-03
4/14/2023Its Friday! time to Rock! HAwk-03
4/2/2023Rocking the Sunday Green! HAwk-03
3/27/2023Grove street green
3/25/2023True my friend
3/18/2023Grove street green and well wishes
3/13/2023Missing hour KArma. Hawk-03
2/14/2023May G-d be with you and yours. Jazzy
2/4/2023Fk u
2/2/2023Groundhog Day! Truth B Known
1/29/2023Informative and encouraging :) abeland1
1/29/2023Nailtard! just kidding happy Sunday! Wingnut1234
1/22/2023Aggressive cock muncher
1/15/2023Patriot Green from Des
1/1/2023Happy New year! Hawk-03
11/26/2022Informative and encouraging :) abeland1
11/18/2022Jesus come quickly- soonermagic
9/26/2022Fat seal in a little frame
8/30/2022'the veil between different dimensions is thinning' st tidbits
8/30/2022Good post
8/29/2022I think your name is a paint color! beeches
7/31/2022Poorly-endowed non-white shillbot gaslighter.
6/30/2022For your contribution to the Defanged Warriors thread -griever
4/11/2022From Butch Defeo - Thanks For Posting in my Thread
11/28/2021Seriously fuck off
8/8/2020Green for being human
8/7/2020No cunt - city people can FUCK OFF. stupid bitch
6/30/2020Crazy bitch atually thinks extreme garrish raccoon eyes on a human female is attractive. Uh, no!
6/30/2020You might need to take some meds yourself.
6/15/2020"The Blacks' evil and jealous heart will be the end of them" Very true.. supporter
6/14/2020Intelligent, and correct you are - OU8122
6/14/2020Good post! from savcash
6/14/2020This girl is foul
6/14/2020Thanks for telling the evil psychopath off!

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