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Ty_'s Karma

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10/5/2021Gw :)
9/28/2021T-man :D
9/17/2021GW Xoxo
9/14/2021Talented!! pool
9/12/2021Giving you green for giving me green. Thanks. -Blonde Goddess
9/5/2021GW XoXo
8/24/2021Christ anyone can pretend to be pool here man. -Pool (Glax0
8/24/2021Just rude. pool
8/23/2021Et in vino veritas est. sometimes too much truth. lol xoxo db
8/21/2021Come Sniff. It smells like Peaches XD
8/15/2021So always he wins, It matters not where he may tread.
8/9/2021It's like the View but with Witches XD
8/7/2021Then Truth has been found. So always he wins, It matters not where he may tread
8/4/2021Nice 1
8/2/2021That drawing is so sick. Please updated -Shawski
7/30/2021Nice tree. pool
7/27/2021Fixed my search, ty -Glax
7/17/2021Green Witch XoXo ;)
7/8/2021For your safe philosophy: ‘’do your thing and don't push it on to others - show a path, don't wave a banner or crack a whip.’â&
7/5/2021You're kind of an asshole huh? Yeah you are - Angelseverywhere
6/26/2021Have a great weekend, best to you. LTHN.
6/23/2021You deserve it.
6/22/2021Green Witch
5/21/2021Love your courage of men post and take care...CUBmon :)
5/2/2021Eagle green ~ Where Eagles Dare
5/2/2021Vitam Aeternam Per Virtutem Veritas!
4/14/2021Cheers. Keep the dream alive. - Daozen.
4/12/2021Valkyries green -Shawski
4/11/2021Mes'Sage gd2balive
4/5/2021Fuck the brotherhoods green, Lance
4/3/2021Thanks For Visiting My Thread.
3/11/2021"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. ... wow, most EXCELLENT!!!!
3/11/2021For being wise to the hate, in order to sucessfully promote love. Colour Crusader
3/8/2021Dead Gods. Ha. Daozen.
3/7/2021Well done
3/5/2021Thank you for your input and kind words.
2/25/2021Lovely poem
1/10/2021Marianne Williamson - interesting
1/7/2021Then Truth has been found.
1/7/2021Good signature
1/7/2021Loved getting to meet a new friend on glp today. You are a good man. -Anna (I_am_who_I_am)
12/10/2020Just because. love 99
12/10/2020Complaing about good karma : GLP
12/10/2020Thanks for the karma... but...
12/10/2020Ungrateful roo fucka
12/9/2020Awesome post!
12/9/2020I loved the song and lyrics. Thank you. With Love~Triteia
12/4/2020Yes - musashi777
12/4/2020Ty, Son of Sol :D
12/2/2020We are the peble thrown ... awesome
12/2/2020Green. Newton.
11/23/2020Xrp is the next big thing, huge utility and use case
11/19/2020Land of unicorns - Shawski
11/15/2020Happy day xoxo
9/10/2020I like your signature-seeker of Truth
6/24/2020Salutations - 23robot
6/23/2020Truth is indeed a lifetime of work. ~ Zovalex
6/16/2020Like your humor ~ICBN
6/15/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/15/2020Green from MnB15
6/15/2020Don't quote spam retard that thy days may be long upon the GLP ; )

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