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11/26/2023You got some of it right but overall a fail
11/22/2023Excellent knowledge
11/22/2023: )=
11/22/2023Incredibly thoughtful and smart : As much as killing a carrier is tempting for them, putting us in a position where our navy is mostly unusable through forcing an unsustainable operational tempo is th
11/22/2023For continuing to think and then share your great analysis - ADEND
11/17/2023Thanks for the great explanation :)
11/14/2023Coastie was here leaving green karma
11/10/2023Cool info on plate carriers and uniforms linking China - ADEND
11/10/2023Good info!
11/6/2023Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/6/2023Thanks brother.
11/6/2023Thanks for rockets clarification post! MissPixie
11/6/2023Like your comments re Islam. - from Moppie
11/3/2023You couldn't be more retarded if you tried.
11/3/2023Nicely done pal - Darth
11/3/2023War thread - larphillips
11/2/2023Green from LJS
11/1/2023There's far less moderates - fuckina - BrainGuy
11/1/2023Coastie green share for support and participation
10/31/2023I appreciate when you post commentary. Understandable and well thought-out. justanothergranny
10/30/2023Great poster with clear insight and discernment in geopolitical events!
10/20/202348Pan ride by....
10/16/2023Nice redux on defense levels. Fluffy Pancakes
10/16/2023Informative and encouraging :) abeland1
10/9/2023Protect you and yours - larphillips
10/8/2023Those that call themselves 'palis' are exiled convict squatters...YES....Ja​zz
10/5/2023We are already past the horizon
10/2/2023Russia is never going to attack NATO bases. They will win in Ukraine and are winning, easily.
9/30/2023Great comment :) Mad Kelly
9/29/2023Being a patriot....48Pan
9/28/2023Coastie was here
9/27/2023Good thread ~BFD
9/27/2023Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
9/27/2023Posted a thread that was pinned
9/27/2023Great response thanks
9/19/2023Coastie green
9/12/2023Yup. AJ is real deal! 911Truther1776
9/9/2023Eagle Green ~ Where Eagles Dare
9/7/2023You sir are absolutely right. They need to feel the pain, it’s the only way. Katballoo
9/5/2023I like your style. Larry D. Croc
9/4/2023Coastie green
8/22/2023Coasite green for all you do and keeing it real - coastie
8/16/2023Yup! You make a good point---green for that!...~1guynAz
8/16/2023Unfixable post....nailed it....48Pan
8/16/2023Seraphin message ~ A R K
8/13/2023Coastie was here
8/13/2023Informative and encouraging :) abeland1
7/30/2023Green, table for one - BrainGuy
7/27/2023Great minds think alike....lol...jill biben thread....48Pan
7/26/2023Greenest blessings from Happy in Nature.
7/25/2023Coastie green for ya
7/19/2023Ammo Stockpile thread post....nailed it....48Pan
7/11/2023Very smart post on US wartime stockpiles thread
7/11/2023I always appreciate your posts and insight - larphillips
7/11/2023Participation and contribution- coastie
7/9/2023Rock Lobster
7/9/2023I totally agree with your analysis (based on what I've read and know). -P Mashed Potatoes
7/9/2023Sssssteve- you nailed it.
7/9/2023Posted a thread that was pinned
7/9/2023Yes, it's me, Tiger Blood.
6/28/2023Don of Nantucket was here.
6/13/2023Reported Abusive Post
6/12/2023Good to see u again rogue, coastie
6/10/2023Green from Loup
6/10/2023Back at you! ~BFD
6/3/2023Posted a thread that was pinned
5/26/2023Cheers ~BFD
5/26/2023From Butch DeFeo
5/21/2023Great posts on Mexico and the drug trade ~thinking...
5/20/2023911 post....48Pan
5/18/2023M0r3 green well said
5/17/2023Panic Launch....ThirstyMarl​in!
5/16/2023Informative and encouraging :) abeland1
1/1/2023Happy New year....48pan
12/26/2022Thanks. love 99
12/5/2022That's right_ Bowjohn
12/2/2022Do something post....48Pan
11/28/2022Informative and encouraging :) abeland1
11/28/2022Blessings 2 u 4 safe, healthy, happy holiday season....Zenobia ;-)
11/14/2022Good observation. We ALL need to do and be better....Zenobia :-)
11/10/2022Seriously dumbass look shit up instead gobbling down msm's cock
11/10/2022Repub election results:the gullible skeptic
11/2/2022Internet gollum - Archimedes Girl
10/20/2022From Butch DeFeo
10/14/2022Tiger Blood
10/12/2022I agree! InTheGLPHood
10/12/2022Spitting knowlege
10/10/2022Step 1 was rude.
9/29/2022Good comment on Germany -Nimbus
9/22/2022I have decided you are a poster worth reading. BB
9/17/2022Eagle green ~ Where Eagles Dare
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