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7/24/2021Weekly drive by karma is against TOS. Failure to comply will result in termination of your account.
7/24/2021Why do you love troll threads- Welllll when I lurked this forum a long time ago it was your posts that I always enjoyed. A thought -Shawski
7/24/2021Did I ban too many trolls?
7/23/2021Because your extraordinary contributions to the forum are highly valued and appreaciated very much ;)
7/23/2021What an attention whore
7/21/2021For never a dull moment! Hugs, Sloane
7/21/2021Green Witch XoXo
7/21/2021E. r.
7/21/2021Dumb jezebel whore
7/20/2021Hi from Harry!!!
7/20/2021Enjoying being finite in the infinite i hope, much love
7/18/2021<3 Phails
7/17/2021Fat little bitch with BPD.
7/16/2021Hello! - Vego
7/16/2021Great posts on 716...and an Awesome Memory lane! Drumhead138
7/16/2021Green from one Buffalo gal to another. Or maybe you're a dude. lol! either way it's all good :) stella b
7/16/2021Great wisdom LastAmericanOutlaw
7/14/2021Sorry bout the trolls. -Glaxnor
7/14/2021Nope...the tard is strong in you...get help.
7/14/2021Green from marooned
7/14/2021Greens.. ~GLM
7/10/2021Hey angels have a good day - zzcat
7/9/2021Complete loon. Steer clear of this one.
7/9/2021Love from WatchingWatchers
7/9/2021Blaspheming bitch. ~Beefree1000
7/9/2021Here is another
7/8/2021The Tard is strong with you.
7/7/2021Green for a bizarre world....lol....Don D.
7/7/2021T-man :) :)
7/6/2021Psychotic POSER who will NEVER be me
7/6/2021Was she a nurse in a mash unit that came under fire ??? think GLP used to be more than politics
7/5/2021Good threads. Magdalene
7/4/2021Tattoo green =-)
7/3/2021Psychotic and stupid--What a combo!
7/3/2021No content
7/1/2021Green to you from a drunk shawski
6/29/2021Thank you! - Gabriel :)
6/29/2021Just funnin have good evening
6/29/2021Beeches, as always!
6/28/2021Thanks for the green----from baloney
6/28/2021You made me laugh.
6/28/2021Everywhere source
6/27/2021Ive always liked you <3 lovergirl
6/26/2021Hope the hangover won't be too bad! :) - A Dude, not THE Dude
6/26/2021Best always for your good humor spirit, truly. Sloane
6/26/2021Fuck you, deluded narcissistic. LTHN.
6/21/2021You are the satanic programming liar rotten cunt!
6/20/2021You mean well but in a weird way - Miri2019
6/17/2021Reported Abusive Post
6/17/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/16/2021Yo Adrian
6/15/2021Awake, 141
6/15/2021Stay Strong Angels.... :heart:
6/15/2021Youre likeable
6/14/2021Not interesting
6/14/2021Agree, i feel revulsion, and you know its true about the daughter.
6/11/2021Summon deez nuts
6/11/2021I want BOOM BOOM! Meteors go BOOM BOOM!
6/11/2021Angles may be everywhere but you aren’t one. Stick that in your feather hat lol
6/11/2021You're a sweety :) Have a good weekend! - My Foolish Daydream
6/11/2021Why can't you be smarter?
6/11/2021Green from Love Goddess
6/10/2021U have no authority over the heavenly bodies
6/8/2021Hi!- Gabriel
6/7/2021Derp! Derpity Derp Derp!
6/6/2021I appreciate you -Phails
6/5/2021The Twin Flames Are Here Now
6/5/2021You are a fraud
6/5/2021Yay twin flames! satya
6/4/2021That AC is an uberdouche. Way to stand your ground. - rick
6/4/2021Ricky m
6/3/2021Captchaaaaaaaaaaaa. love 99
6/2/2021You rock 141 :)
6/2/2021HIGH FIVE you go girl Elle
6/2/2021From Scarecrow :)
6/1/2021Hey pretty lady! Tuesday greens ~E.R.
6/1/2021Merging male and Female like Bruce Jenner
5/31/2021I have the LOCK.
5/29/2021Got your back, Angels. Everywhere on this forum. you go, girl. beeches
5/29/2021Thank you so much for the green----from baloney
5/29/2021Screw that blonde bimbo... have a good day~Irredeemable
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