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Anon1234inthesky1's Karma

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2/15/2021Eat shit Neo-Nazi fuckboi
2/3/2021Green for farting in public! chasity
2/3/2021Dirty Biden supporter. Only a nonce supports that family.
2/2/2021Decades. love 99
2/1/2021'it will just go away on its own'...move along, move along...Lance from BC
1/31/2021DT commited crimes he been watched. haha So evidence sir? Nope
1/29/2021Projection; most college educated idiots/leftists are good liars.
1/23/2021Derp derp
1/16/2021On behalf of Kaya and whatnot
1/12/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/7/2021Well said
1/7/2021Well said -jad
12/31/2020Nice thread
12/19/2020For your inability to tell the difference between hypocrisy and a threat to perpetrators of mass fraud. You can't be Irish, moran!
12/14/2020You got that right
12/13/2020Troll. Ignore.
12/11/2020Never hear about Soviet soldiers mass raping little German girls, housewives and even old Frauleins. Were talking millions.
11/28/2020Intelligent point
11/22/2020The truth about the enemies of the White European Race.
11/14/2020Good post <3 lovergirl
11/10/2020Warrant the title Journalists - Bang on! Green :) Have a great day
11/4/2020Beeches for your long post page 11 Trump claims victory thread
10/15/2020Gree - grove street
10/1/2020No waywithout Nature.
9/26/2020Karma bump from savcash, thanks for posting in my epstein list thread :)
9/18/2020Drooling democrat
9/6/2020"Racism was made up to destroy white people and there survival instincts." TRUTH
9/6/2020Who should we eliminate? You ?
9/6/2020Heres one to get you towards the green
9/5/2020Well said
9/4/2020Bioweapon this
9/4/2020For being a stuipid dumb idiot
9/4/2020For being a stupid
9/4/2020Good comments on mankind
9/1/2020Survival skills for ourselves too. -- oniongrass
8/31/2020Spot on!

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