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Bankroll's Karma

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1/4/2021Hello fellow soul traveler ... welcome
1/4/2021Shh..let them be happy
1/4/2021From a Reptilian. Fuck you!
1/2/2021Seriously you need to get back on your meds my man
12/31/2020Fuck off
12/30/2020Do you even shill bro???
12/24/2020Thanks for responding to my post
12/16/2020Interesting. Never heard that. -Revbo
12/15/2020Cunt :)
12/14/2020Old school GLP with an experiment twist. Lovely.
12/14/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
12/14/2020Psychic experiment - Half Past Midnight
12/14/2020Nuke time @mypillow
12/14/2020Sweeet thread! i dont even care if some "ac" solves it and it turns out to be you. I love this interesting stuff just to think about it
12/14/2020Welcome to my ignore list!
12/10/2020Good info on CIA -- oniongrass
12/8/2020Ya, me neither green Lance from BC...they can all just walk away
12/6/2020Piss off shill
12/3/2020Commies gonna git ya for that, cracked me up. DGN was here.
12/3/2020Good poster
12/3/2020From plato, best wishes to you Beyond
12/3/2020For making me laugh. Also, cool avatar.
12/3/2020That's you response to the dicovery of work holes? Grow up
12/1/2020Meatal thread green & thanks for posting. Fraust66 ; )
11/27/2020Pinko commie
11/27/2020Fuck off shill
11/27/2020Looks like u need some green ~ Djinn
11/26/2020Ruin politics with thanksgiving.
11/24/2020Shame how far we have fallen. TN Patriot
11/23/2020<---- another pedo found
11/23/2020Ugh just you ugh all over th uggghghghghghghg
11/20/2020Frozen mammoths!
11/18/2020Wow that's really swell, bud! Aren't you just a badass
11/16/2020From Butch DeFeo - Only you can stop the fake pandemic for yourself, no one will ever tell you the pandemic is over. It's time to WIN
11/9/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/9/2020You couldn't fly a fucking kite let alone a plane! GTFO tard!
11/6/2020Did u have your sound bytes for breakie?
11/6/2020Spot on comment that I 100% agree with. Politicians do not make my life any better
11/4/2020Could you possibly cry any louder? what the hell is wrong with you? get a grip
11/4/2020Chasity :)
10/29/2020Happy halloween. pool
10/12/2020Reported Abusive Post
10/12/2020Hope you are able soon. Stay safe.
10/9/2020Green from Serenity Now :)
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