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SleepysDad's Karma

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7/30/2021"Juan star for no synopsis. Not watching." Nobody gives a fuck if you watch it or not dipshit!
7/30/2021Lazy child.
7/30/2021Synopsis is in the title, retard.
7/30/2021F*CK YOUR 1 STAR BS, lazy A
7/26/2021Good response. I have found the data about mr a animal deaths either
7/26/2021Disinformation posts. shit is running rampant. 1-2-Follow
7/25/2021Green! Carol B
5/26/2021Sup, dad?
5/21/2021Keep telling yourself that knuckle head! YOU TOOK the POISON! Haaaaa haaaaaa!
5/18/2021Your mother is interdasting fucking prick
5/17/2021Sleepy shill
5/16/2021Fuck off you shill
3/25/2021Thanks for visiting my thread!
3/12/2021Then get off GLP and focus on your meeting.
3/12/2021"No summary, 1 star. Can’t watch videos during a meeting." what a jackass you are. wow. go fuck yourself.
1/21/2021Logic always wins
12/27/2020Thanks. Zim
11/17/2020Uncle intel frozen storage thread - Pole Cat
11/17/2020News ~Moniker
11/17/2020Thx for your thread. Very needed info. Texan Buckeye
11/16/2020Good looking out
11/16/2020Thanks for sharing uncle intel!
11/16/2020Okay LARPer
11/16/2020Good info
11/16/2020Thanks for the heads up! :)
11/16/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
11/12/2020Green from New Cumberland..JF Priest

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