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Austin Buzz's Karma

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2/17/2024Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/8/2023Trance cathy obrien - into the Light
10/4/2023Most on the thread are having fun.
9/17/2023Dont call him Shirley, great line.... LoL -amplified2
9/16/2023You beat me to it. Lol
2/9/2023Thanks for your reply on Mathew Brady thread --digital mix guy
10/22/2022Don't tell posters what to do with their posts.
8/24/2022Simple minded fool
8/9/2022"Or, everything is scripted and Trump's playing his role." BINGO! Exactly correct!
2/18/2022Thx for making me laugh bro JakeFromStateFarm11
2/6/2022Well said
2/6/2022Like your logic
1/11/2022Thanks, man! Cheers! - Grey Eagle
12/13/2021XD No, no.. BerenSTAIN.... XD
12/6/2021Liberal/commie/social​ists don't bother the AC - Logan Five
10/21/2021Funny comment xo sseess
10/10/2021You made me laugh. Thanks Truth B Known
9/27/2021Is that enough proof for you? 'Course the left NEVER provides proof.
7/23/2021Listen up fuck-wit, you want to leave me red? Fine. But don't red others just because they support me. -Astro
7/22/2021Yup, a lot of leftist bitches whose opinions mean zero.
7/17/2021Flatty Fuckwit Idiot
7/10/2021Rule, not exception touche...Lance from BC
5/14/2021"Please tell us about the specifics of what you're doing." What an asshole you are
1/23/2021Get fucked shill
1/23/2021Have some more red
12/21/2020Right on. epublican or Dem or not Upset because he lost someone?
12/14/2020Green from LJS
12/10/2020"And lastly, fuck you." Good one. :: Overgoverned
11/28/2020Just shut up already, please and thank you
11/16/2020How about this plan: GO FUCK YOURSELF
11/4/2020Reported Abusive Post

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