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Blissfullyig's Karma

Total: 3 (3  User Votes) and 42

3/1/2022Sick fuck
3/1/2022Zelensky's boy.
3/1/2022"you can't openly support a terrorist nation" - idiot comment
3/1/2022Terrorist its Zalensky
3/1/2022Troll. Ignore.
2/27/2022I've done my share of military combat, should try it yourself, pussy
2/27/2022Fuck off
2/26/2022Try Google, retard
2/25/2022Shit for brains
2/25/2022Calling somebody stating the obvious (and true) a Russian puppet.
2/25/20223. 50
2/24/2022Paid Democrat troll and Chunk Yogurt of tyt butt buddy.
2/24/2022Cenk is a cunt. Just like you
5/15/2021Friends with splinterhead
4/2/2021All speech is a right. All speech. The constitution does not levy this right to us; just attempts to state it for the idiots and the weak.
3/18/2021Liberal idiot says what?
1/20/2021Turn to Jesus.
1/20/2021It's best to have an IQ higher than a fence post to teach here
1/19/2021Delusional denial
1/7/2021Hopefully he will be rmoved from office today jan 7
12/29/2020Shill account
12/29/202035% my ass.
12/29/2020Dumb fucking commie cunt bag! Eat a dick!
12/29/2020Try 75%
12/29/2020Continue gaslighting yourself; you only hurt yourself.
12/29/2020To add to your well deserved red. Sorry your head is in the sand.
12/10/2020Fuck Off Portland!
12/10/2020You are the one who sounds like a pussy...a big gaping stanky purulent draining pussy
12/7/2020Your mother smells like rotted gator bait
12/7/2020I have a cold.... Fu COUGH
12/7/2020For being the gayest libtard shill on a Monday morning
11/25/2020Hey Libturd, Big Bag of dicks outside your front door next to the dumpter
11/18/2020Nice try, Bolshevik scum
11/13/2020Only here a week, and already on a bunch of Ignore Lists.
11/13/2020Idiot speech
11/8/2020Eat it, dickhead
11/8/2020The world is not what you make it
11/8/2020Youre an idiot

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