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Tabitha's Karma

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2/6/2024You're a sick fuck.
2/6/2024Stupid comments about Russia
2/6/2024Go blow your head off commie cunt
2/6/2024Greetings from the GLP AC Community Rights Activist Department (GLPACCRAD)
2/6/2024Stupid twat
11/25/2023Sad. Welfare. Bitch.
11/13/2023Still butthurt, you welfare bitch sockpuppet?
11/12/2023Bullshit. And who the fuck are you? Another stupid sock account hired by shill for Big Harma? Go choke on some pills
11/8/2023Troll / shill
11/5/2023Tabitha aka Jack Reno aka Swaggy T still bumping all his old threads on a regular basis. MAJOR TROLL
10/24/2023Fuck off.
10/22/2023You are a dumb slave. If your mRNA gene therapy is so good, then why the hell do you worry about anyone else? You belong to a death cult.
10/17/2023Likes to suck on elephant dongs while staring at Al Gore photos
10/14/2023Still being a butthurt little broke ass welfare PUSSY Jack Reno aka Tabitha aka Swaggy T aka Welfare CUNT ROFLMAO!
10/11/2023Libs are liars
10/7/2023You're not fooling anyone with all your sock puppets Jack Reno aka Swaggy T aka Tabitha, Jacks transgender wife
9/29/2023Stupid cunt. It is amazing how dumbfuck liberals usher in communism because they hate Trump.
9/28/2023Screaming lies in the face of truth is not a virtue.
9/10/2023Cool name ;) and coz ur in the red club lol
9/10/2023You're not fooling anyone with all your sock puppets, Jack Reno aka Swaggy Tits Workout Dude
9/10/2023Get another jab Kamala
9/10/2023Shill spam
9/10/2023Jump off a cliff vax cunt
8/9/2023Thank you for your opinions on COVID-19 and the vaccines. YOU are a STUPID CUNT so, your efforts were worthless.
8/7/2023You're not fooling anyone with all your sock puppets Swaggy Tits Workout Dude
6/2/2023For posting as an AC to bash President Trump.
4/24/2023For posting as an AC to bash President Trump.
3/20/2023Your a nasty turd you retarded scum of the earth, go to hell and burn
2/10/2023You make such a good useful idiot for the commies.
2/10/2023Your stupid and annoying
10/28/2022Biden/Zelensky Puffer
6/28/2022Fuck off cunt
6/28/2022Post is not relevant to original subject matter
10/27/2021Wanted to send karma/virtual hug to make up for the jackass comments by others on the mental health thread.
9/29/2021Spot on!!
9/28/2021Nasty piece of work you are.
9/28/2021We will chat in about a year.
9/13/2021Dumb fuck
9/9/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/28/2021You suck
8/28/2021You are awful
8/28/2021Retard shill
8/28/2021I won the lottery and it's 100% due to getting the vaccine! yaaay vaccine!!!
8/28/2021Because DICKCHEESE, ASSHOE
7/27/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/26/2021We shall see.
7/26/2021Fuck off tabitha!
7/22/2021Have some RED to go along with your severe TDS....bitch!
7/22/2021Useless fear mongering post.
7/22/2021Vax shill..fuck off
5/14/2021Fuck off retard
4/20/2021Total bullshit
4/20/2021Literally advocating police violence
2/10/2021Your life must suck to look for outrage in everything.
1/25/2021Fuck those masks you fucking brainwashed IDIOT
1/17/2021Telling it like it is
1/17/2021Covid sucks
1/15/2021Cries to much
1/13/2021You know why
1/6/2021We know you're dumb already, bitch. Don't have to advertise it.
1/6/2021Deserved for trolling
1/6/2021F u
1/6/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/6/2021Shut the fuck up already. You're talking out your ass.
1/3/2021Trump hardly did anything to help? operation warp speed you idiot
1/3/2021Stupid cunt
1/3/2021Liberals are a cancer upon the earth...
1/2/2021Projecting. The leftists are the mega hypocrites.
1/2/2021Red for you Idiot!
12/29/2020For talking BS
12/28/2020Trump! Trump trump, trumpity trump. When the moon hits you're eye like a big Trump pie, that's amore '. Keep on Trumpin. Trumpin, Trump and destroooy!
12/22/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/22/2020Pedo lover
12/22/2020Boring, lazy troll
12/14/2020Commie cunt
12/11/2020More red for you.
12/11/2020I guess $3.50 is better than sucking cock for crack
12/11/2020Sucks dick for 3.50
12/11/2020Stupid cunt
12/10/2020Tabith-duh! Go fuck yourself tard!
11/27/2020You are so smart
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