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7/9/2015Pickle surprise!! eekers
12/24/2013Michael Tsarion & Erich Von Daniken are liars and so are you.
2/28/2013Gut bacteria.Thnx. Notagain
8/26/2012Just had to get the attack in at Israel...
7/15/2012Have a great week! ~Christine~
3/1/2012Cfl baby
1/8/2012Happy New Year, MONSTER
12/31/2011Happy New Year, MONSTER
11/25/2011One of GLPs best..and nicest
11/25/2011Great contributor!
11/15/2011One of GLPs best..and nicest
11/15/20113. 14159
11/3/2011Because i can
11/1/2011Fucking Hilarious!
10/29/2011Damn, that´s nice :D
10/29/2011Jay and silent bob yo
10/29/2011Megalithicme (kelly) was here
10/27/2011Pretty cool - Lime Flavoured
10/26/2011Awesome post as always op!-anonymity
10/26/2011Always kick ass post! - Sickscent
10/26/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/26/2011Good thread bud
10/26/2011Another awesome thread
10/22/20111 ci. 95
10/18/2011Provided me my answer
10/18/2011Lol hilarious post bud
10/18/2011One of GLPs best..and nicest
10/16/2011Ty i reached my goal! karma <3! Curious Observer
10/15/2011Thanks a lot much appreciated. love the jay pic snoogans (the Dark Light)
10/14/2011For you intrest!! exploitive.
10/14/2011Thanks for posting a "rockin" icon on my thread.. apreciate the feedback...My2centswo​rt
10/14/2011For taking part in my thread. :)
10/14/2011Jay rocks!
10/14/2011Nascar uniforms for politicians: BEST. IDEA. EVER.
10/14/2011Loved the Nascar uniform thread...laughed so hard I gagged on my drink! LOL!! TitianWaves
10/14/2011GREAT post
10/14/2011Lawl poll
10/14/2011For most rightous idea on polticians
10/14/2011Great idea! d2
10/14/2011Sad story, but I am glad people are learning about it. Much love 11.11.11
10/13/2011Thanks for always posting interesting world wide news!!! <3YourRongTime
10/13/2011Great photo of Boehner! - A.A.
10/13/2011Nascar/Politicians giggle.. -Tangy
10/13/2011Smarts, of an uncanny kind.
10/13/2011For your awesome politicians poll! Awesome idea dude!
10/13/2011Politicians/NASCAR/Un​iforms. +100 Karma, Thug Cat. :-)
10/13/2011HAHAHAHAHAAH NASCAR suits for pollies! Awesome!
10/13/2011For sponsored politician uniforms fraudulentzodiac
10/13/2011Most awesomist poll ever
10/13/2011Awesome idea
10/13/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/13/2011Funny avatar! I enjoy running across your posts. let's be friends... CrissCross
10/12/2011Very cool :) Thanks
10/12/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/12/2011Lol @ trivial human issues
10/11/2011Cell biology research, thanks - momma coop
10/11/2011For quoting Mark Wahlberg in 'The Other Guys'! Awesome man.
10/11/2011You always have awesome news articles.
10/11/2011Cool thread buddy
10/11/2011Awesome thread as usual
10/11/2011Very funny
10/10/2011For being a flying peacock
10/8/2011Nice Find with the lsd vid, haha!
10/7/2011Can I green you yet? I hope so, always good threads from you! ZP
10/5/2011Megalithicme (kelly) was here - have a great day!
10/4/2011Weekly visit. irishspirit
10/4/2011This karma is only a mirage :)
10/4/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/4/2011Love the avatar - yamaniac
10/4/2011Gotcha back. Sorry for the mixup-BBD
10/2/2011Green karma for you! have a great day! Curious Observer
10/2/2011One good deed ..lol...this time..
10/1/2011Hurp durp
10/1/2011Awesome thread dude!
9/30/2011For being a nice person
9/27/2011As usual very funny post :) Mis Snookms
9/27/2011LOL "OH SNAP" RayGun
9/27/2011For being quick on the trigger
9/26/20111 for karmatard. mr2
9/25/2011You rule dude
9/25/2011For liking my pic (atomic811)
9/24/2011Yeah thats what she said.
9/24/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/24/2011Berkeley scientists Thread. Outstanding my friend. Irishspirit
9/24/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/20/2011Fly peacock, fly...
9/20/2011One of GLPs best..keep up the good work bud!
9/20/2011Good information buddy :)
9/19/2011For Search Pwnz0rz (Bugsy Moran)
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