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Hazmat420's Karma

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12/26/2021Not ignorant about pits -johnredbeard
12/25/2021Pit bull dogs are dangerous around children
12/25/2021Pitbulls should be removed from the planet
12/25/2021I’m a pitbull and I just mawed your karma
12/25/2021Good 4 u posts og dogs from savcash
12/25/2021Green for speaking the truth regarding pitbulls. They were originally called Nanny Dogs. ~Major Doom
12/25/2021Pos liar. pitfalls are only fir guys with tiny dicks
12/25/2021Damn right!
1/14/2021You people are brainwashed. You all must be new to GLP. He played a part, and he did it well. The elite has said they would place someone in to divide and role up the right.
1/9/2021Fungus among us ~ Gemini Rising
1/3/2021Nice wit. Hillbilly
12/4/2020Well said

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