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Ad Lib's Karma

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4/5/2014My negative vote is an affirmation of your stupidity and inability to discern people used to hard work and the lazy lefties who covet a free ride.
9/9/2013Horrrrible Person
6/6/2013Awful, AWFUL person.
2/25/2013Little things might matter later,they always do....gd3balive
1/30/2013Good info
1/20/2013Buh Bye
1/20/2013Take this with you Libby!
1/20/2013Don't let the door hit you on the ass.
1/20/2013Banged 100 dudes at once over memorial day weekend
1/20/2013Hope you have a wonderful week,sweety!! :)- ~Christine~
1/20/2013GLP hating cockbag
1/20/2013Have some red for being such an evil person
1/19/2013The govt, uses libs like toilet paper,When they want to get shit done they use words like descrimination,racial​ integration,freedom etc etc and libs jump right on without a clue that they are just bei
1/19/2013You should open your mind and see Obama for what he really is. LimaIndiaSierra
1/19/2013Liberal scum !
1/17/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/17/2013Shut up Lib Troll!
1/16/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/16/2013The people who post prolifically here are being PAID. Have fun!
1/16/2013Left is wrong, you silly libtard
1/15/2013Your to stupid to know how stupid you really are...
1/12/2013New name and new avatar wont stop the red
1/12/2013Smart, educated women often get slammed around here. You are threatening. LoL.
1/12/2013Mathews, liberal economics, flu shot ..strike 3
1/12/2013Green for you! and for standing your ground on Chris Mathews - J&V
1/12/2013Rip just wants to say nice to meet you .
1/12/2013Cuomo article - ANHEDONIC
1/9/2013Only dykes like effeminate men....I bet you're a nasty fucking cunt.
1/8/2013Get lost Troll!
1/8/2013Chris Matthews ? Really ?
1/8/2013Has obvious self esteem issues!
1/8/2013Uh, you got Lil Matthews swimmers on your chin
1/8/2013Logged in just to give you neg karma..you make me sick gs
1/8/2013Piss off troll
1/8/2013Die screaming in pain of anal cancer, bomo.
1/8/2013Chris Matthews cute? Stupid.
1/5/2013You reek of progressive white guilt slavery
1/3/2013Because you deserve it...luci9
1/3/2013Hope you have a HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!! :)- ~Christine~
1/3/2013Low IQ
12/31/2012Wonderful poster!!! Gread advice! ~Obsidian :-)
12/30/2012Some good karma, to motivate you to stick with it! I believe in you! -The Sonic Dreamer
12/30/2012Wow, how ignorant can you be?
12/28/2012Stupid lib
12/28/2012Green for green tea! Good luck! :) Sloane
12/28/2012For Freecycle link, great idea! Junkyard Lily :-)
12/27/2012After that bitter posting bashing all men as children, you obviously need some positive energy coming at you. - Sir Phy
12/25/2012You posted in my thread! TY! Heres a green!
12/25/2012Merry Christmas!
12/23/2012Who would of thought...a dope smoking, drug using liberal?
12/22/2012Happy Holidays!! :)- ~Christine~
12/22/2012Mr men. Little Miss brings back good childhood memories cheers -dapurps
12/19/2012I agree
12/19/2012Good karma for helping to point out bad karma bandit
12/19/2012Some green for saying it like it is ...333...
12/18/2012Don't let the sweaty hillbillies keep you down! Just because they are the most vocal doesn't mean they are the only ones here.
12/18/2012Don't go, Miggy. I love you and value your opinions. --from So Not a Princess
12/17/2012How DARE you make sense!
12/16/2012My goodness, why do you have all that bad karma?? hmm, well, i came to give you green bc i also enjoy chopped and was surprised. anyway :) ~scorpio66
12/15/2012For standin your ground on guns
12/15/2012You need some green
12/14/2012You wrote this: "When you poll NRA members about gun control, even THEY want stricter controls than what we have in place now." You lie trolling piece of shit!
12/14/2012Dooood looks like a laday! Time to shave your ass!
12/14/2012Censor yourself
12/14/2012Pinhead! Absolute horseshit!
12/14/2012There is some green in your sock, I mean boots :) Smile
12/12/2012Thanks for sharing, trailingedge
12/12/2012Love the sentiment! ... Deej
12/12/2012Prune hag
12/11/2012Nice lady ar-15nut
12/11/2012Intelligent comments and good looks: My2Cents
12/11/2012Luv u 2 dot
12/11/2012Old hag that hates squid
12/11/2012Squid Hater
12/11/2012Have some green.
12/11/2012To help counteract all the red :)
12/9/2012Bet the first thing you saw this morning was a badger cock heading strait for your mouth. Go the fuck away. No one likes you.
12/9/2012The less you post the better
12/9/2012That can't be you in the photo. No one would put up a photo like that.
12/6/2012Who cut your hair ? Ray Charles ?
12/5/2012Much love, Bea :)
12/5/2012Hey 'Pat', LoL. Good kharma for you! Where your negs as a badge of honour! -w_nb
12/1/2012Good info!
11/28/2012Why not get a lifestyle lift?
11/28/2012Your posts are the zenith of liberal ignorance.
11/27/2012Your posts always suck and your pic makes me wanna vomit. you must be a troll.
11/25/2012You have zero intelligence!
11/25/2012Not very bright...
11/25/2012When SHTF, I'll enjoy knowing that your suffering will be legendary you liberal cunt. You will reap as you have sown...let your Oblabla god save you then.
11/24/2012Goddamn you're a cunt and an idiot on top of that. A liberal idiot.
11/24/2012There are other sites if you don't like it
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