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ToadMaster's Karma

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2/4/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/30/2012Blessings from seer
6/20/2012Hell-Bound Demon!
4/26/2012Sending you love today....Being MIndful
4/1/2012Karma time....Being Mindful
3/16/2012Karma time....Being Mindful
3/10/2012Green thumb for your thought provoking thread re. the female shadow :)
3/9/2012I love you. :)
3/9/2012Good post about woman energy
3/8/2012Karma for the toadmaster....Being Mindful
3/4/2012For the thread "Women: It is imperative that you subdue your ego.
3/4/2012Go back to SWTOR dumbdum
3/1/2012We don't always agree, but you are always awesome. <3 ~Sandi
2/28/2012LPal likes Frogs
2/26/2012For the thread "Women: It is imperative that you subdue your ego.
2/25/2012I don't know why but this sounds like truth to me
2/25/2012Really, WTF are you talking about?
2/25/2012I enjoy your words ToadMaster!-LonghairK​ing
2/25/2012Thanks for the throwback to the 50's, Fred Flinstone ;) princessemartienne
2/25/2012Subdue this, asshole!
2/25/2012Thank You ToadMaster..provident​ial timing on your part..:) ..wildhoney :hugs:
2/25/2012Truly, one of the most inspiring threads -- J_Tribble
2/25/2012Serious issues with women
2/25/2012Green Hug from Spazz re Women:
2/25/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/25/2012Your constant posts taking shots at women make your homosexuality shine through even more. Embrace your faggotry. Don't be ashamed.
2/25/2012<3 blessings
2/18/2012You always have the best posts lol thanks Toadmaster :) Angels
2/18/2012Love your use of words! Nicely put! ~Una~
2/13/2012Indeed, indeed! :D ~Sandi
2/12/2012Cool Avatar. Clandestine Interstellar Timelord
2/2/2012Back at cha, love! -Zephyr-
2/1/2012Returning tha karmatic favor =D
1/31/2012Thank you, 2ndP
1/31/2012Because I like buggin ya!!!! :D Martianprincess
1/30/2012For the toad that always was a prince ...wildhoney
1/29/2012For taking time to read and comment on the Becoming Whole thread, thank you :)
1/27/2012Love it ! <3
1/27/2012Awesome metaphysics thread. from ming
1/27/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
1/27/2012Metaphysics thread. ~Sandi
1/24/2012Good posy
1/24/2012Tuesday Karma Friend - xoxo V-Honey
1/23/2012Im in a hypnotic trance from your avatar
1/23/2012Porn is awesome, just because you can't handle it doesn't mean we can't...
1/23/2012Yur pic is not helping me stop porn
1/23/2012Cause i like your avi! xD idk what that "porn" thing was about.
1/22/2012Fucktard x2
1/21/2012Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha < Peace be with You(~) > Om
1/16/2012Karma ping for you today! cheers... Flycat
1/16/2012For the Toads. Zero Point.
1/14/2012Thank you..here is some green back :) wildhoney
1/14/2012Avatar Good!!!! Nomnom Bouncey
1/14/2012Your sources are terrible, you should genuinely stop being a troll. We call people like you a disinfo agent, and that's going to get you nothing but bad karma. Quit while you're ahead.
1/14/2012Nice one :)
1/14/2012LOL it worked! From Badlands!
1/13/2012May the boobs be with you
1/12/2012You know you love Scorpios - Martianprincess
12/30/2011Glad you like the Ancient Burger King thread ! -- from goodmockingbird
12/29/2011May the force be with you, welfare
12/28/2011Wing-ed karma
12/28/2011Ron Paul 2012 ~ RebeccaLove
11/13/2011From Apollo Illuminaughty
11/9/2011We don't take kindly to gays here.
11/8/2011For wanting foreskin back

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