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Cannabis Kills People!....'s Karma

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9/28/2021Hope yopu become the first weed death
9/27/2021This shit head has a micro penis and a micro brain. Karma is coming for him and he should be very afraid for his soul
9/27/2021More red
9/26/2021One of the biggest assholes on GLP. If you don't believe me, look at this assholes red karma. Speaks volumes.
9/26/2021Hope your hemmehrohids are doing better
9/26/2021Poor little cuck with a micro pecker
9/26/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/26/2021Will you hurry up and die you vaxtard
9/26/2021This is the same jeew boy shill that is Uncle Gintel Off Grid AZ Dog Fucker and Scat Porn Spammer
9/25/2021Mediascum URLS???
9/25/2021How ironic; you calling others retarded, LOL
9/24/2021Reported Abusive Post
9/24/2021Uk china asset
9/24/2021Reported Abusive Post
9/23/2021More RED for you.
9/23/2021He is sickening
9/22/2021Fuggin moron
9/22/2021Common sense
9/22/2021Shit > You
9/22/2021Wishing death on others? How black your soul must be. I feel sorry for you.
9/22/2021Wind up merchant, same shtick every day gets boring, laughs at the death of others, disgusting example of a human being
9/22/2021You are neither Polish nor
9/22/2021Pig cuck
9/22/2021Boot licker.... You getting off on people dying is disgusting. GFY
9/22/2021Most ignored
9/22/2021You said you yank pole? Not surprising.
9/22/2021Please find another platform to shill on
9/22/2021Piss off you dumb Polish sausage.
9/22/2021Can't spell retard without red.
9/22/2021More RED for CKP! For being a general loser and for gloating over anti-vaxxers deaths. Who does that? That's right...LOSERS LIKE YOU!!!
9/22/2021Fake news
9/22/2021You and Uncle Gentil are the same dumb fucks
9/22/2021Weekly red
9/21/2021Shut your limey suck hole faqqot
9/21/2021Subhuman piece of shit
9/21/2021That guy was fighting for the truth and you think his death is funny? He was murdered you jerk.
9/21/2021Filling up quick, better get that fourth account ready to go
9/21/2021Dumb Ass!!
9/21/2021I think you are a larp, hope te Mrs is feeling better.
9/21/2021Hope your wife is okay, but she must be a dumb cunt to be with you.
9/21/2021Normally on your side. She was a kid you dumb cunt
9/21/2021Twisting Data Again
9/21/2021You are delusional -Sindywoow
9/21/2021FUCK.OFF....I wish you would use cannabis! ;)
9/20/2021You horrible little man - bootobin
9/20/2021More red for you
9/20/2021Fuck off you piece of shit. -Republic of Texas
9/20/2021Big part of the GLP family
9/20/2021Fucking take your boosters already, useless sack of shit
9/20/2021Still a dik arent ya
9/20/2021Just get the boosters already
9/20/2021To call this guy a complete retarded cunt is actually a massive compliment coz he is way worse than that. No function at all in the brain and allegedly he has a micro penis
9/20/2021Pharma shill, BLOOD is on your hands. Lot's of it!
9/20/2021Because he is a member of the dark side. He is against humanity. He lives in fear.
9/20/2021Lies and misinformation spreader
9/20/2021Have some more red ac hating vax shill
9/19/2021Unpure, tainted
9/19/2021Vax Lover deserves a red boost. You are past halfway to all red.
9/19/2021Cannabis Highs People!
9/19/2021Your Suffering Will Be Legendary- Even in Hell
9/18/2021For shilling with old stats, J goat.
9/18/2021I admire your surpeme intelligence - Uncle Gintel
9/18/2021Agiprop 101
9/17/2021Dude, you need to relax. Seriously. - Riff-Raff
9/17/2021Limey bitch
9/17/2021You are intolerable
9/17/2021Pop another benzo tard!
9/16/2021Limey piece of dog shat
9/16/2021This Poster Is A Gay Porn Star, Brain Damaged At Birth, Probably From A Failed Abortion Attempt
9/16/2021Most hated on glp
9/16/2021Bad Karma for the constant negativity energy.
9/16/2021Here's some more red, prick
9/16/2021More red
9/16/2021You are a nasty worthless human being
9/16/2021Even Uncle Gintel don't like you....that is really pathetic that the most hated vax shill hates you too....ROFLMFAO
9/15/2021You are a dick. Glad to not be your wife.
9/15/2021World would be better off without you. Hope you find Jesus.
9/15/2021Shill f*ck.
9/14/2021Green 4 U - and hope you feel better soon.
9/14/2021Rot in hell
9/14/2021Need some green!!
9/14/2021Lmao what a dumbshit retard
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