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5/19/2022Good explanations as always
5/15/20221 for truth
5/12/2022Model makes no sense. NASA is watching you...
5/2/2022Great Flat Debunking - 74444
5/2/2022Schizophrenic fraud
5/1/2022Disprove flat earth - Remedial Rebel
5/1/2022Do some research into Flat Earth theory. All that can be explained on a Flat Earth model.
3/19/2022Pedo defender
3/3/2022Nice moon and sunset videos
2/14/2022For your earth model - Archimedes Girl
2/3/2022Accurate information
2/3/2022Round Earth Explanations
2/3/2022Good reasoning
2/2/2022Flat earth explanation
12/23/2021For posting unedited Kamala video
12/6/2021Tds idiot
11/30/2021But pedo joe is ok huh
11/30/2021Good points
11/25/2021Spherical Retard Earth
11/24/2021Globe Earth shill.
11/14/2021Well said
8/26/2021Pentagon was a missile WTC was isreal
8/26/2021Aw you’re nice *starry
8/23/2021Nobody cares what you think.

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