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JackReno's Karma

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11/19/2023Using his sock puppets to give himself green karma, because NOBODY else gives him green karma.
11/12/2023Some great threads...keep 'em coming!
11/12/2023Dumb fuck
10/23/2023Nobody likes you or your posts Jack. We didn't like you as Faggy T either, but he was tolerable. Lets not even talk about Idaho Mac or Workout Dude, and especially not that cuntflap Tabitha.
10/16/20231 in 800
10/16/2023You dumb idiot. Communism equals slavery
10/15/2023Fuck off
10/14/2023Keep hiding as an anonymous PUSSY Idahomo Mac aka Swaggy T aka Jack Reno aka Tabitha aka Gargantuan PUSSY!
10/11/2023Vax brain
10/8/2023Learn to make friends
10/8/2023Fucking cunt! Worry about yourself.
10/7/2023Still being a butthurt little broke ass welfare bitch Jack Reno aka Tabitha aka Swaggy T aka Welfare CUNT ROFLMAO!
6/28/2023I refuse.
11/16/2022Bad move queer bait now I get to bitch slap you again
11/16/2022F your new world ideas stay in your commie scumbag filth state TROLL
9/13/2022JackReno moved to Idaho and called himself Mac.
9/11/2022Another one on the ignore list
8/23/2022Micropenis syndrome.
7/22/2022Loser Biden fan. Jerk off.
6/29/2022One of his MANY sockpuppet accounts to shill his stupid bullshit!
6/21/2022Go away. You don’t belong here.
6/16/2022JackASSReno/Urinal Rider/Blonde Goddess butthurt troll
5/29/2022Majic Jack/Urinal Rider/Jack Reno/Get Vaxxed Now, Iverectum, Pee Pee Platter, and 29 other sock accounts
5/6/2022Retarded idiot
4/29/2022Because you deserve this red
3/13/2022Stop posting as an anonymous little bitch and grow a pair.
3/3/2022Posting anonymous like a scared little cunt.
2/21/2022Your mother should have swallowed you and saved the world from one less dumbass delusional idiotic liberal cunt!!!
2/14/2022Quit being such a pussy little bitch, and stop sucking cocks at the truck stop. Your mom is much better at it then you are.
2/5/2022You should really review stats before making claims, you have a better chance developing ADE than lightning strike. Man you suck at this
2/5/2022Don't share misinformation. You are delusional. Get help.
2/5/2022You’re an idiot troll.
2/5/2022Moar red
2/5/2022Obvious shill, for big corp, big gov, big pharmacy.
2/5/2022Violated Posting Rules (For being a sockpuppet BITCH)
1/31/2022My you suffer a debilitating clot.
1/28/2022Keep it up SHITHEAD, it will get worse.
1/21/2022HAHAHA you little bitch. Jack Reno finally admits he was a TRUMP supporter and is UNVAXXED.
1/20/2022Post tribbers, we ride!
1/20/2022Truth is good
1/20/2022Great post
1/20/2022True, but maybe not true. What is was totally against the shots? Would there be more deaths ?
1/20/2022Posted a thread that was pinned
1/20/2022Fucking fuck tard
1/20/2022Green for true vaccine threads
1/20/2022Agenda 2030 shill. beware. antichrist spirit
1/20/2022Another liberal California shill pretending to be a Conservative.
1/20/2022Posted a thread that was pinned
1/20/2022Posted a thread that was pinned
1/13/2022Quit being such a pussy little bitch, and stop sucking cocks at the truck stop. Your mom is much better at it then you are.
1/3/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/3/2022F off you miserable troll
1/3/2022JackReno, then Ural Rider, now Jack Reno. Shit posting little bitch. Big pussy afraid of a flu virus with 99.8% survival rate. Fuck off Karen
12/27/2021Paid shill troll. His other job is glory hole pole smoker at your local truck stop. He has never demanded a pay raise in 13 years.
11/27/2021This is Urinal Rider's other account. Now go work your glory hole shift, cause if your mom has to work one more of your shifts, she will throw you out of her basement.
11/23/2021I pray you get banned soon
11/11/2021F*ck Off
11/9/2021Keep speaking the truth about these antimaskers and antivscxers and how stupid selfish and full of shit they are
11/6/2021More red for the dumbass that thinks AOC can be president. Oh, and Fuck Joe Biden!!!!
11/2/2021Tree fiddy time
11/2/2021STFU tard... prions and ADE are your future.
11/1/2021For the pieces of shit that support and try to force this vaxx...karma can't come quick enough. you people are evil and just fucking stupid
10/29/2021Asshole vax shill that cries about people being mean and leaving him red. Deserves red just for promoting Biden and that dumb cunt of a bartender AOC.
10/21/2021Buhbye CUNT
10/21/2021Your leaking all over the place jack. only shills/trolls leak like you! have another on me!
10/21/2021You might not be a shill but you are fucking retarded. if you get your way we will get abject totalitarianism
10/21/2021No, you are not a shill. You are a troll.
10/21/2021Like Foolish Daydream said... you're a fucking idiot
10/21/2021You are dishonest. You are a shill. You should be on democrat underground. GO THERE AND STAY THERE.
10/21/2021Gaylord Retard SHILL
10/21/2021Fuck Joe Biden! Byeeeeeeeeeeeee
10/21/2021You’re a massive troll but at least honest about your profession so I’ll leave you with this: tyranny was never stopped with compliance
10/21/2021You aren’t even good at trolling. Derp.
10/20/2021Everything you say is shilly, that makes you a shill.
10/20/2021Sir! I accept your different opinion, until this: "and would like to see AOC be president some day". I believe you're not some n+1 shill on this site, but an n+1 ignorant fool if you se
10/20/2021You stink of old fat vagina
10/20/2021Obligatory red for the trolls
10/20/2021Retarded trolling
10/20/2021Cuz you're a LARPing shill fucktard!
10/20/2021Fauci ball gobbler
10/20/2021Total shill
10/20/2021Have some red, bud
10/20/2021Wants to be hated
10/20/2021Major idiot
10/20/2021I believe you will be in prison by spring 2022
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