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12/27/2022If you mention BBC post a goddamn link to BBC
12/11/2022From 1 CT to another great post- soonermagic
3/4/2022Hugs for you from Savcash, have a great weekend!!!
2/23/2022Same here
2/23/2022Great thread! PSA
2/22/2022Posted a thread that was pinned
2/20/2022I wanna smell ur butthole after u take a long 3 minute fart.. sniiiiiiifffffff.. bacon?
2/20/2022Impressive diatribe
2/19/2022Reported Abusive Post
2/18/2022No. I dont remember that. Link, or stfu with your stupid fucking pussy fart trolling
2/18/2022Dumb cunt, enabling that ego filled psycho bitch all is one, you can pound sand ya umb bitch
2/18/2022It should be dangerous to be a criminal in Americal from savcash
2/18/2022You rock - DocMidnight
2/17/2022Omg you researched abunch of negativity around NESARA. disinfo that are being put out there about Nesara. Nesara is Good!
2/17/2022Republic of Texas was here
2/17/2022Www ipvoid com website-translation-t​ool
2/17/2022OMG it's all coming together.... the contact newspaper!!
2/17/2022Nice NESARA Thread. How did you find that info ???? Thanks !
2/17/2022Global EMP... Meagdeth
2/17/2022For you're NESARA/Draining the swamp post. You have a fantastic mind....JustPassingTh​rough
2/17/2022Great thread xo sseess
2/17/2022Nesara bs
2/17/2022I like your posts. Coraline
2/17/2022Nescara ~Squarepeg
2/17/2022Great thread on nesara , it's ALL CONNECTED and the players- building momentum
2/17/2022Interesting thread on NESARA/Drain the Swamp. -Digital Detective
2/17/2022Nesara - trashcanman2
2/17/2022Trump played yall. draining the swamp.. lol 2 years after he was president? lmao
2/17/2022Greens from Diesel
2/16/2022Love it -cfizz
2/16/2022Man Covid 1991 ~ Great find! spohieross
2/16/2022Kaen dik
2/16/2022Starts a thread on a topic like it's brand new, completely naive to the fact that topic has been discussed on GLP for over 20 years.
2/15/2022For you're willingness for open discussion
2/15/2022Green for you - My Foolish Daydream
2/15/2022Sry i liked you but you sound like you want to depopulate or hurt people whov made wrong choices, by saying the vax was a good start. We should never give up on anyone!! its with love i red you
2/15/2022Great post
2/15/2022Bill Cooper...vino
2/15/2022Behold Pale Horse quote -MFSGA
2/15/2022Ssssteve thanks for the post.
2/15/2022Posted a thread that was pinned
2/15/2022Beeches for the thread today
2/15/2022For complaining about everyone thinking you are the premier CT here...LOL..as if
2/14/2022Thanks for your post in my thread.. KAN DAEK
2/14/2022Green for the "Police in LA have declared unlawful gathering. Live video." thread, from WGON.
2/13/2022Fake edited video - check the real source next time!
2/8/2022Good find Stella!
2/7/2022Reported Abusive Post
2/6/2022Psalm 148:8 Fire, and hail; snow, and vapours; stormy wind fulfilling his word: SotL
2/1/2022Lamp Filler
2/1/2022You make a good point
2/1/2022Too long didn't read your post
2/1/2022Thank you for your Revelation threads. Texas Best AF
2/1/2022Cheers! Midtrib or prewrath is correct - GrudgeMonkey
2/1/2022Great Thread, Tamara
1/31/2022I wanna eat ur poop
1/31/2022Being born into religion is one thing. Being so fucking stupid to convert in your 30s is another LMFAO
1/30/2022You are sweet. God bless you.
1/30/2022Great post and question, Stella. God bless. - Gardener
1/30/2022I have sever bipolar and you are a dumbass.
1/30/2022The sun is your God.
1/30/2022For posting pagan trash.
1/30/2022Posted a thread that was pinned
1/29/2022Ralph was here!
1/29/2022Great thread - Liberty420
1/29/2022Solar streams
1/29/2022I gotta haaaave some of yoouurr...attention..​.uh give it to meee...
1/29/2022Your not crazy. It appears some of that insnity rubbed off on me!
1/29/2022Posted a thread that was pinned
1/29/2022Weirdness in the air. -glorpblorp
1/29/2022For being a cool as person....Just Passing Through
1/28/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/27/2022Stop posting this demonic crap
1/25/2022Thank you for the ideas
1/23/2022For your idiot medical advice. I am sure you will give me the same for protesting.
1/22/2022Crying about who posts first
1/21/2022"Now my brain is so jacked up I have to have the benzos" explains a lot
1/21/2022Hii stella. your picture looks like The Winkx Stella. -- guess who :3
1/16/2022Same thought -Golbez
1/12/2022BINGO! The worship is taking this vaccine to go on a cruise or keep your job... Etc. Worshipping this man made bullshit. Drumhead138
1/10/2022For your threads ! From Tiger One
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