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yomanyo's Karma

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10/15/2021Bad comment
10/8/2021Has no idea what they are saying!
10/8/2021Make more RED for shill identification
10/5/2021Retards like you need to leave the planet.
10/4/2021Really good
10/3/2021Informative summary
10/3/2021Good comment.
9/28/2021You're the SHEEP
9/24/2021Lying Scumbag
9/20/2021"boeing certify its own planes" - lmao Macho Nacho
9/19/2021Muh racism
9/17/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/14/2021Many, if not most, on the left, were very off to start with.
9/6/2021Another bs Mike Adams thread - bootobin
8/28/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/26/2021Another 'muh Nazi', you commies just never quit with that - bootobin
8/25/2021Do not comply!
8/20/2021Ungrateful moron
8/18/2021Sad and pathetic loser. ~ Zovalex
8/18/2021Calling things "misinformation" without saying why is very shillish - bootobin
8/8/2021Follow the money.
8/8/2021MRNA does not affect your DNA. Stop lying. God hates liars.
8/2/2021ButterflyDog -Shawski
7/27/2021Me too ty
7/25/2021Ivermectin! Carol B.
7/21/2021"Every company makes money off the military playing like they care. Same for any large demographic." -- oniongrass
7/19/2021I'm so sorry patricia, please forgive me for talking to... Oops - Zad
7/10/2021It's called Willingly Ignorant

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