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Faithwarrior's Karma

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7/28/2022Flat Earth Tard
7/19/2022For speaking the truth!
7/15/2022Heres some green for you!
6/25/2022Religitards gonna tard! Derp derp Derpity derp Derpity derp derp derp.
6/19/2022What is the gospel thread. Very good!
6/16/2022Great Testimony! God Bless Brother!!
5/9/2022Desperate desperado
3/22/2022I am above your bible, and I do not respect your god. ~ Zovalex
12/4/2021The Law of Moses was never given to Gentiles; the Law of the Spirit (Rom 8) is. You are mixing Covenants and are confused!
11/28/2021You believe in a myth. comical
11/27/2021Salvation is by FAITH alone, not works (Ephesians 2:8-9)
11/26/2021Friday Green! ~ ItsMaKa2
11/26/2021There are other Christians here, like me. ~AllOuttaBubblegum
11/26/2021Awesome obedience to Gods law thread. You are correct
11/26/2021Obey Jesus not Moses. Jesus is God. Follow Jesus. Obey HIS words.
11/19/2021Sunday Mask of the Beast Law was Here
11/14/2021We are all part of God. We are God's creating force.
11/13/2021Excellent Lukewarm "Christian" thread KJV
11/12/2021False prophet

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