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Get Vaxxed Now's Karma

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5/21/2022Been missing for 4 months, got to come back for monkeypox vax shilling opportunity! Fuckin JACKASS
3/29/2022Been missing a while now, maybe the clotshot got him....oh darn.
3/1/2022If even one person is misled by your " safe and effectve" lie you will suffer greatly.
2/22/2022Booster time isnt it?
2/13/2022Get fucked cunt. Sure hope you haven't bred.
2/13/2022You really are this dumb huh? - LSDMTHC
2/13/2022For spreading propaganda
2/10/2022Fuck off
2/3/2022Get a booster, and make sure to wear 14 masks and support BLM. GLP Shill Troll
1/31/2022He was 74, asswipe. 74 year olds die.
1/30/2022Shove your vaxx where the sun doesn't shine
1/26/2022Butthurt little bitch. Call her a Waaaaambulance. I need an untested unapproved vax cause I'm a big pussy afraid of a flu virus. Or you could be a paid little bitch shill like Jack Reno, who wa
1/26/2022Fuck off you attention whoring, shill!
1/25/2022Pedo joe shillbot
1/24/2022Blue print asshole
1/24/2022Get fucked now. And tomorrow, and forever, fuck off.
1/23/2022Poison propagandist
1/23/2022Loves the vax because they remind him of his little needle dick
1/23/2022Get Vaxxed Now!!!
1/22/2022Refuses to see the truth
1/22/2022Oh please....just stop!
1/21/2022You need more red
1/18/2022Die bill
1/17/2022Time for your red jab!
1/17/2022Vaxxed retarded, idiot.
1/17/2022Stupid ghey vaxxtard shill
1/14/2022Red back @ u
1/14/2022Vax mandate shot down by SCOTUS....so fuck right off with your bullshit, cock smoking faaggittt
1/10/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/10/2022Cmo'n man!
1/9/202222lr is the best waw to commit suicide MF
1/7/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/7/2022Troll, mole and asshole all rolled up in one. you dickless wonder.
1/7/2022You're like that little nugget of shit that didn't get pulled by the toilet
1/7/2022Sometimes there are things (you) worst than turd :)
1/7/2022Since you love the red so much! (͡o‿O͡)
1/7/2022Butthurt little bitch. Call her a Waaaaambulance. My vax don't work unless you're vaxxed. Fuck off Karen, keep crying like the bitch that you are.
1/7/2022Get the fuck outta here...vino
1/6/2022Shove your poison jab up your ass.
1/6/2022Eat shit
1/6/2022Red for pushing the NWO death shots
1/5/2022You sure are a dense one
1/5/2022Blue type can’t be read on dark setting Einstein.
1/5/2022I hate bill
1/5/2022Low information retard with Stockholm Syndrome. Do the world a favor, don't breed.
1/5/2022Vax up ur ass commie POS
1/5/2022Buzz Off Satan!
1/3/2022Fuck off idiot
1/3/2022Safe And Effective!
1/3/2022YOU are the LIAR.
1/3/2022F Off Shill!
1/3/2022Get vaxxed, save lives!
1/3/2022One injury is too many. Sheesh you psychopath, so ego minded you believe you can tell another human what to inject into their body
1/1/2022More red for the obv troll
12/31/2021Your Suffering Will Be Legendary- Even in Hell
12/31/2021Replying to yourself logged out is just pathetic.
12/31/2021Beligerant with a narrative, does not posess an open mind
12/30/2021Wake up, dickhead.
12/30/2021Butthurt little bitch. Call her a Waaaaambulance. My vax don't work unless you're vaxxed. Fuck off Karen.
12/29/2021Bullshit covid info.
12/29/2021You are a disgusting excuse for a human
12/29/2021Promoting propaganda
12/29/2021The doctors and nurses say the exact opposite!
12/27/2021Cme at me
12/25/2021Shake head
12/25/2021Trueblood here
12/25/2021Vaxx shill
12/25/2021I hope you shut the fuck up and die
12/25/2021That’s a hard no
12/25/2021Thanks for the great hand job! Cannabiskillspeple
12/25/2021Fuck off vaxtard. You are a dumbass and if you win, you will just be a dumbass with a star.
12/25/2021Gud jawb
12/25/2021Here's some green, just incase you don't win the ingrade!
12/25/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
12/24/2021Child rapist and genocidal killer
12/24/2021One of them
12/24/2021Go away!!
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