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5/13/2022For being brave!
5/13/2022Just to counteract the red :)
5/13/2022Namaste! ~ Satya
5/13/2022Here is more red karma for your stupid pinned post
5/13/2022Too sensitive and karma bitching
5/13/2022Cry baby
5/13/2022Posted a thread that was pinned
5/12/2022I did not give you bad karma, until now.
5/12/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/12/2022Greens from Diesel
5/12/2022Stop caring about fake internet redness. You let the trolls win by caring. Just breathe and move on. - clevercreator
5/12/2022Token green
5/12/2022Kiss your mommy for me you retard
5/10/2022"...silent genocide is still murder." bingo - BrainGuy
5/8/2022For bitching about red karma. You know the rules.
5/8/2022Exodus 22:18
5/8/2022You're losing the rest of your mind right on schedule.
5/8/2022Cry some more you fake bitch. Happy Mother's day from all the women you hate.
5/8/2022You sound like a fucking whiny ass pussy
5/7/2022Masquerades as a christian but actively practices witchcraft, divination, and astrology, all of which are prohibited in the Bible. Phony counterfeit Christian. Spawn of Satan. Wolf in sheeps clothi
5/6/2022You are disgusting. Crippled bugger? Posting propaganda.
5/6/2022OP in the fish sex analogy thread has been had lol . thank you.
5/4/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/4/2022Informative and encouraging
5/3/2022Evil cocksucker.
5/3/2022Quarta enim vigilia noctis, venit ad eos ambulans super mare. (Matthaeus XIV:xxv) --Dulcius Ex Asperis
4/30/2022Stay Safe ! From tiger1
4/29/2022When you see the morning dew in your garden, ye shall know that I am ZOVALEX.
4/29/2022Way too sensitive and unable to handle criticism.
4/29/2022Posted a thread that was pinned
4/29/2022Green - grove street 3.0
4/29/2022Wake up. you should know the voice of the Lord
4/26/2022I like your thinking -john dutton
4/24/2022How many times do you need to post to make a stupid pronoun joke. Flooding a thread with your narcissistic bullshit
4/21/2022Green from WGON... :-)
4/20/2022It was an absolute time marker. bcw
4/20/2022Thank you for protecting Emperor Putin with your wonderful sigils. Long Live Emperor Putin!! xoxo Putin's Girl
4/19/2022Women are evil.
4/18/2022Cocky bitch
4/18/2022We could care less about what you think -Enjoy Red
4/18/2022Happy Easter!!! - Chameleonn
4/16/2022You'll be waiting a long time to go to heaven. Since there isn't one.
4/16/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/16/2022Ye shall know that I am Zovalex.
4/16/2022Really rude while talking
4/15/2022For Ten Commandments movie link. Thank you! -Digital Detective
4/15/2022Have a Blessed Easter ! From tiger1
4/15/2022Santa Claus is Real - Reddot
4/12/2022I like the way you think
4/12/2022Feminism is standing up to trash and incels. Don’t be mad just because no one gives you digits. - clevercreator
4/9/2022Projecting your faults on others; typical leftist spewings.
4/8/2022He is a lying scumbag and a Russian shill. Clearly NOT false flag
4/8/2022NATO lies! Biden lies! --Doomscroller
4/8/2022Kremlin bot
4/8/2022Fucking piece of shit
4/7/2022Burning Washington, D.C. to the ground would have changed something
4/7/2022This is some pessimistic stuff man
4/7/2022You are so right on here!
4/7/2022Tears for our country
4/5/2022Gardening help, thanks!
4/5/2022Greens from Diesel
3/30/2022There's nothing you can do to stop it :)
3/27/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/27/2022Thank you for protecting Putin, the Great. MWAH! =D
3/20/2022OP, you're living in Babylon.
3/20/2022The Most Beautiful Girl video. -P Mashed Potatoes
3/20/2022You made me laugh
3/20/2022Fuck off
3/18/2022Yes, a man of our times and important in the future. Colour Crusader
3/17/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/12/2022In desparate need of a college-level critical thinking course.
3/7/2022Holier than thou twit
3/3/2022You understand Babylon-52
3/1/2022Cuz I no likey your posts
2/28/2022Et Sano
2/26/2022You're an idiot, the anthem of Ukraine with a hand to the heart
2/25/2022Stop spreading BS propaganda.
2/25/2022For actually believing Russian agitprop.
2/25/2022Delusional tard, go fuck yourself
2/22/2022Russian Ukraine
2/22/2022Little House On The Prairie ~ Great show! ~ MetaDeth
2/22/2022Overreacting. One can not just block the streets. Your reaction would be different if they were being blocked by BLM. Such activity is illegal- regardless of who does it.
2/18/2022You could stand a bit more humility. here's some red humble pie
2/18/2022Posted a thread that was pinned
2/17/2022Lol @ no hackers on GLP, only tomato gardeners
2/16/2022Et Sano
2/14/2022Happy Valentines Day! SamanthaBear
2/12/2022Revelation 18
2/9/2022Great video
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