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Earth Daughter's Karma

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10/18/2012Uncomprehendable dumbass
10/13/2012Just Because <<TIMEWATCHER>>
10/12/2012Love Not Fear! ..11:11..
10/6/2012Cute photo! - ANHEDONIC
10/4/2012Goats in burkas! PB
9/29/2012Friends list karma for you!
9/24/2012Hi from Earth420 :)
9/23/2012Because you are intelligent and understand
9/20/2012TV is evil....Superfly
9/20/2012Awesome advice. Hopeless
9/13/2012Sucking the Peach! Yum! Nauti Girl
9/12/2012For telling off narrow minded mike!
9/6/2012I like Jimmy Soul!....indiandave
8/28/2012Hi from Earth420 :)
8/27/2012For that Orionbelt pic, Iolair
8/21/2012Good thoughtful advice to people ~ Sloane
8/18/2012Vibrations of love to you and yours. Om! ..11:11.. Yes, I changed my user name.
8/16/2012Green for you - msz
8/9/2012For your post in the18% of corps leaving thread. so true....indiandave
8/2/2012Just flying by! Much love to you and yours! 11.11.11
7/29/2012In defense of ttowngirl. Awesome! rlynnbraswell
7/28/2012For being one of the few voices of rationality on this site.
7/26/2012Sharing da welf ~Chip
7/25/2012For the Earth that shine love, 141
7/11/2012I love calgon baths...good response
7/4/2012Karma correction from scarbeddazles....sorr​y bout the wierdo's round here...
7/2/2012Green all the way for MLP - loving cat!
6/27/2012For your post: "I'd have to explain to my kids" IMO a good parent explains reality to their kids, not shelter them from it. Well done! -Rabid_Wolf
6/24/2012For buying in to the divide
6/24/2012Dumb bimbo bitch....
6/13/2012Looking like a fool with your bra on your head.
6/12/2012Green love for you
6/2/2012Good sport UFO video... TheTruthWorker
6/2/2012Hi! Earth420 :)
6/1/2012Glad you liked my story, just a little taste of what happened, Baph.
5/31/2012I think you made a nice effort to be understanding on the "My wife needs to lose weight" thread. People still need to understand that everyone is different and goes through changes and somet
5/26/2012Great thread! Great Post heres some karma from Gonviral
5/26/2012Hi! Earth420 :)
5/10/2012Everything starts as somebody's daydream =^..^= Girl Genius
5/7/2012Gonviral karma..for that post!
5/7/2012Beautiful disaster pic!!!!
5/7/2012Thor is hot!~awake but dreaming
5/4/2012Sir Griffo Green
5/2/2012Awesome TSA clip. Joeboxer.
5/2/2012For liking my thread...Little Bug...
5/1/2012Made me laugh :))
4/10/2012Good call, Hi from Silverest.
4/5/2012One smart Earth Daughter!! BB
4/3/2012Buddy List Karma Time!!! ~Chip
3/11/2012For being a good woman
2/21/2012For your contributions
2/3/2012Wide awake, rubbing it and smelling it. Gets you high.
2/3/2012Making my day
1/24/2012Wide Awake >>> from My heart to Yours(~). < Peace be wtih You(~) > tSJ
1/21/2012For being the reminder :)
1/21/2012Upgrade +1; Alien Commander Omd I
1/2/2012Happy new year!
1/1/2012Great penny post
12/31/2011For being like-minded ~Daikirai
12/31/2011For the beautiful comments inre to my sister's passing, thank u ~in5d
12/29/2011Cuz I can
12/28/2011Ron Paul 2012 ~ RebeccaLove
12/24/2011The TSA breakroom was filled with goodies, I bet.... Indeed!... *from CrissCross
12/19/2011Cuz i can
12/13/2011Karma for nostaglia!
12/7/2011Liked Video Wing-ed
12/1/2011You just got caught up in a drive-by Karma attack by Doommincus Maximus
11/30/2011Something good is coming. I've seen it.... I bet it is your smile(~). < Peace be with You(~) > From my Heart to Yours(~)
11/30/2011Dream post ty C.P
11/28/2011Dog Karma from Wing-ed
11/27/2011Reported Abusive Post
11/15/2011Good answer!
11/11/2011Good post about the sandwich....indiandav​e
11/10/2011GuardTowers--good find!
11/10/2011So glad you support Ron Paul! Huggs, Roxi
11/10/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
11/10/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
11/7/2011Bingo, honey. That's why they do iiiiiiiiit. :)
10/30/2011From my heart to yours > Peace be with You(~)
10/29/2011Thank you for the nice comments on my pictures :) Mooshi kin karma
10/24/2011Nice video
10/23/2011Brief :)
10/12/2011Well said Earth Daughter! These are not real men on here.... - starrynytes
10/11/2011I like u : )
9/27/2011Ignorant chemtard
9/27/2011Good response!
9/27/2011Thanks for the addon
9/25/2011For Gooderboy :) From RT
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