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Chuck's Karma

Total: 22 (22  User Votes) and 12

12/15/2013Seeing the truth.
12/14/2013Right on!! but dont let them chase u away, then they win!
12/14/2013That's rayciss
12/14/2013Because racism is ignorant - you are wise :)
12/12/2013Informative, polite
12/10/2013You are a pig
12/9/2013You're snarky Chuck, I like that. : ) Profane
12/7/2013Lol!! ibyte on 2
12/6/2013I thought you were the local antichrist at first - then I read again! beeches
12/6/2013See my post in the Magnetic Car thread. - Morpheus - There is no such thing in free energy. The key is to harness the unseen energy all around us.
12/3/2013Government comment -- filth
12/2/2013Search this, ya creep.
12/2/2013Just because
12/2/2013You look good in red
12/2/2013Don't be the search nazi now. Nasty little man you.
12/2/2013Local Anarchist
12/2/2013Thanks for downloading and posting my pics orphanage
12/2/2013Have a pretty green karma for being helpful.
12/1/2013Your mindset reflects your avatar.
12/1/2013:) ??
12/1/2013Why bring Jesus into this?
12/1/2013Good post. -pole cat
12/1/2013Because i felt like giving you good karma
12/1/2013Not funny you pagan. Here is red to teach yew a lesson...
11/30/2013Good predictin', Chuck!~~~muddogg
4/9/2013Local anarchists needed!
4/9/20131 for bible BS
4/8/2013Why would you boast about liking child porn? - Sparrow and Medicine
4/5/2013Definitely Philip K Dick

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