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3/18/2015For posting the Jonathan Cahn video about the Shemitah - Resister
3/12/2015Have a great day :) Sloane
3/6/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
3/1/2015Congrats, Mod. :) AnonymousGirl
2/18/2015Good thread, unreal speech he gave today~kpm~
2/18/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
2/17/2015No problem! Have a great day! SG
2/15/2015Thank you for your post in your thread :) AnonymousGirl
2/15/2015Green From ItsMaKa2
2/15/2015Fifty Shades of Green - good post! Important subject - Alobarap
2/14/2015Good info, great advice
2/14/2015Someone had to say it. Fat Freddy's Cat
2/14/2015Your good thread fullfaith
2/14/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
2/13/2015Great GLPer! - HQ
2/13/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
2/10/2015More LoveLightEnergy~*** for you! ctruth333
2/9/2015More green for being so kind~kpm~
2/9/2015No problem, hope you're having a great week too! Ag47
2/8/2015I like your posts/threads - Aspamce
2/8/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
2/7/2015Dr Warner video- good stuff! -SeaLass
2/7/2015Thanks for the vid! kgblol
2/7/2015Fist McKraken
2/7/20155-stars from the 5starbandit!
2/6/2015Critcally important thread subject with good info.
2/6/2015Dr. Warner video. Booger Cancer
2/6/2015Fucking nutjob Christians. You SHOULD get off your high horse...using religion to justify blind hatred...like savage children.
2/6/2015Thanks for the Dr. Warner Post -- Carnac
2/6/2015Great find...great thread...Jazzy
2/6/2015Great video!! 4h
2/6/2015Dr. Warner vid. full faith
2/6/2015You are most welcome :-) SkinnyChic
2/6/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
2/6/2015Great video -- filth
1/23/2015Dicks of bag a suck
1/19/2015Green for you, too, for this film. yesterday was a MESS. beeches
1/19/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
1/19/2015Sleeping Giant
1/12/2015Each post I see from you is A+. :)- Seagal
1/12/2015ZioShill propagandist
1/12/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
1/12/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
1/8/2015Creepy uncle biden vid
1/7/2015Hump Day Green! ~ ItsMaKa2
1/7/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
12/27/2014Because I can.
12/14/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/14/2014Cowgirlk was here...Thanks Doc for the comment!
12/13/2014Reported Abusive Post
11/29/2014Lick a cop
11/9/2014Thanks for the stars! ~kpm~
11/8/2014You da man Doc. Do you remember space peepless. They ripped that shit off and took it for their own. Bastards!
10/4/2014Great thread. pool
10/4/2014You are clueless dude
10/4/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
9/27/2014Love ShowGirls :) x
9/22/2014LoveLightEnergy~*** ctruth333
9/18/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
9/5/2014VERY interesting, OP. - Are you just stupid?
8/26/2014Heres some Leftover Green Candy - ukshep
8/26/2014Already posted, DUMBASS
8/26/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
8/18/2014Green From ItsMaKa2
8/17/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
8/11/2014Green greetings from Hitokiri
7/17/2014Good CDC Thread!!!!....Exempla​r
7/17/2014Thanks for the info! - ItsMaKa2
7/17/2014You are a fucking idiot.
7/16/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
7/5/2014For John Candy! ~VeryNigh
6/10/2014For posting the cantor thread. I tried to get it pinned. - Cookie
6/10/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
6/6/2014Wrote the truth
5/27/2014Good post!
5/25/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
5/25/2014Good post in black privilege thread geminilion
5/24/2014Have some of this R.P. McMurphy brand green.
4/25/2014Ignorant dumbass Beck loving moron...take a point off for being stupid.
4/8/2014Have another one, Doc...lol davvi
4/5/2014Good words.-TheEndIsNigh20​13
4/3/2014For your caring post about the 5yr old...my2centsworth
4/3/2014Savage parents-dqwhispers
4/3/2014Green for you for bringing attention and prayers to that poor little innocent child - showgirls1980 :)
4/3/2014There is sick, and then there is horrifically insanely vicious. These hit the lowest mark.
4/3/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
4/3/2014For remembering Benghzi ~goldielucks :)
4/3/2014Benghazi ft hood distrction connection
4/2/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
4/2/2014It's Interesting How The Fort Hood Shooting Has... 5
4/2/2014My thoughts also. Damn media. Sandpiper
4/2/2014Benghazi scandal among many other
3/29/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
1/4/2014Rip phil
12/22/2013Excellent post...my 2 cents
12/22/2013Excellent, excellent summary of what is going on.
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