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a passing cloud's Karma

Total: 37 (37  User Votes) and 11

6/7/2019Yours is my favorite username of all time ~thinking...
4/16/2019What a lovely avatar-Penny Peppers
10/10/2018Love the name "a passing cloud" - from garden
8/26/2018Funny post. DNCSwampMonster
7/12/2018Cartel gets red and one star votes....TBG
6/2/2018Always liked your avatar <3 Vision Thing
4/28/2018Baby clothes. hahahaha. Crash
4/24/2018Thanks. SNOWIE
2/20/2018Thanks much for posting in my GLP improv page, savcash
10/29/2017Pretty avatar, beeches
6/29/2017Ankhiale :)
6/22/2017Love your advatar picture! Dooma
6/22/2017You are right! - master of nothing
6/20/2017A passing cuck....
6/4/2017For reminding me of Coney Island
6/4/2017From Ralph--a house dog
2/23/2017Random green -Denizen
12/16/2016Happy Christmas. Salt
7/25/2016Thank You. ~Bodhi
7/7/2016Fuck off tool. you dont know shit you liberal turd.
6/16/2016Bilderberg posting>>>MarPep
4/22/2016Bus Driver Saves 5-Year-Old Student Choking on Coin... please return the favor. thanks buddy
4/24/2015RAK for you. :)
4/14/2015Happy Tuesday - TedEdFred
4/7/2015Solar Guardian here. May I have a green karma point? :)
3/25/2014Sheeple word tax
12/28/2013Made me think :o) thankyou
5/1/2013Thanks for the vid
3/5/2013From, Gladio
3/2/2013Finally a fun thread..thank you! --- Tethered Soul
2/25/2013Anyone can claim the title of Christ, but there is only 1 true Messiah and this thread is about Him. And to pray is asking/acknowledgemen​t of God the Father
2/24/2013Sasquatch Lives...
2/3/2013For making me laugh: "I thought you said you were biff" thanks, morgan
1/19/2013For posting on my thread
11/12/2012Drive by karma
10/3/2012Your so right about voting.
3/4/2012Naitsirhc itna
2/29/2012Race traitor -1
11/1/2011For being TERMINALLY stupid!

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