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Wandering Song's Karma

Total: 67 (67  User Votes) and 3

2/21/2024T-Man :)
2/13/2024Thanks for the music(waterman)
2/1/2024Green from the box
1/25/2024Huge Hugs :) Much Love Billy Boots
1/25/2024Some JB green for you. SS
1/24/2024For the songs xoxo db
1/19/2024Green for Charlie - Gu
1/11/2024Some fun green for the scene. SS
1/10/2024T-Man :)
12/28/2023Wintergreen :) eden
12/25/2023Merry Christmas to you and yours xoxo db
12/18/2023T-Man :D <3
12/15/2023Jukebox greeeeen
12/1/2023I keep missing you in the jukebox, but love the tunes! xoxo db
11/24/2023JB cheers!! Blatherskite
11/15/2023Dirty paws.. mousey
10/31/2023T-Man :) <3
10/17/2023Pumpkin [H41F-b-R33D]
10/16/2023Pooch Love always
10/5/2023For the music xoxo db
9/29/2023Happy Friday Vibes :) T-man
9/15/2023T-Man :)
9/8/2023For posting Clancy brothers:) blessings, Stella b
8/30/2023Pooch Love
8/20/2023Love the music. So grateful. xoxo db
8/5/2023Good tune!
8/2/2023Thank you for the songs!!! xoxo db
8/2/2023Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
7/19/2023Wonderful songs! ~ Meridian Leeward
6/29/2023Jukebox green from me to you, never lose the rhytmn, nor your tune :) -gleich
6/27/2023Thanks for the awesome tunes! SuperSnoopy101
6/26/2023Shanty green...Piece of Gossip
6/19/2023Jukebox Green! ~ SuperSnoopy101
6/1/2023Yay!! Queen. T-man
5/29/2023Jukebox green for you and good vibes coming your way :)) -gleich
5/24/2023May there always be fun and green for you. SS
5/23/2023For your kindness xoxo db
5/12/2023So appreciate the songs xoxo db
5/12/2023Some jukebox green for you <3 -gleich
5/5/2023Happy travels :) -gleich
5/3/2023I loved your musics ~ Wake Up Men
4/27/2023Jukebox green for ya :) -gleich
4/23/2023For the music xoxo db
4/23/2023Green for my friend, latvia
4/12/2023Green for Antony and all the tunes! xoxo db
3/28/2023Love and peace xoxo db
3/20/2023You are so appreciated xoxo db
3/10/2023Thank you for the songs and the wisdom. xoxo db
3/3/2023Long time friend. I enjoy the tunes in you very much. latvia
3/2/2023Sorry to keep missing you in the jb...but so grateful for the songs. xoxo db
2/14/2023Pooch Love
2/13/2023So grateful for the wisdom you have shared with me on the jb....and the music of course! xoxo db
2/6/2023Pooch Love
1/30/2023Thank you for "Taliesen's Song" !!!!, Taliesen😊
1/26/2023Love the tunes. So grateful. xoxo db
1/26/2023More jukebox greeen! fractal
1/24/2023Jukebox Green! Love, Rollo's Daughter
1/9/2023Knowledge...Wisdom...​ Song--Love TY
1/7/2023Today was just a day, tomorrow is gonna be better.
1/3/2023Jukebox green & happy new year to our Wandering Song. Fraust66 : )
12/31/2022So appreciate your musical taste! With much gratitude for all of it . xoxo db

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