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Angel_Eyes's Karma

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11/30/2023Patriot Green and hope for a Brighter Future. Des
11/30/2023Random GREEN blessings coming your way! Mad Kelly
10/1/2023From 2006
12/1/2022Reported Abusive Post
2/19/2021Have a peaceful weekend, do something fun ~ zenergy
2/4/2021Count your blessings, and be the blessing other people count on. ~ zenergy
2/4/2021Good still exists Fr: SkInNyB0b
1/11/2021Yes roadhouses and rebellion go hand in hand. Lance from BC
6/22/2020Green for you - BirdMom
5/30/2020Greenest blessings from Happy in Nature
5/22/2020Green from Loup
4/2/2020GREEN ! ...TAKE VITAMIN C...(Moses)...
3/22/2020GREEN 4 ANGEL EYES ! ...(Moses)...
3/14/2020Thanks for the support and stay well. cheers, jj johns
3/28/2019To a grandma...lance from BC
3/20/2019Narrcisstic cunt.
4/27/2018God be with you...
4/27/2018It must be so hard to lose your husband after 30 years. From New Heart
6/7/2016Wishing you love and laughs today V Oxx
5/18/2016Green for your LGBT comment! Added you as a buddy! Daddysgirl! A++++
4/26/2016I saw it too, whatever the hell it is. CH
1/3/2016Love Violet
12/12/2015I couldn't agree with you more about the ignorant sex posts! Great thread! ScarlettOHell
12/12/2015Quit your whining bitch!
12/12/2015I want to dump semen into all your holes....not my semen tho....a dogs semen.
12/12/2015Is your cunt wet? Mmmmmm
11/23/2015Hope you had a good weekend! cavjock12
11/5/2015Howdy :) Cavjock12
6/21/2015Sister in The Lord! jdb
4/20/2015A "christian" who seeks bloodshed. Jesus would be proud boy!
4/12/2015Mountain Woman
11/12/2013Jesus told me you're a douche
7/8/2013Good luck to you1 Hugs and love....
5/30/2013Like the handle. MOTO
11/2/2012I'm sorry for your loss ~ A Friend
4/1/2012You need glasses.
3/31/2012Religterd dumbass. Get your facts straight before considering yourself holier-than-thou and start preaching to others. Dumbass.
3/14/2012Karma Time! :) -Rabid_Wolf
12/10/2011Thank you for the kind words and support!!
12/7/2011Karma time! - Rabid_Wolf
11/22/2011Karma Time :)-Rabid Wolf
11/15/2011Free karma!! -Rabid_Wolf
10/20/2011You donlt deserve bad karma! CD
10/18/2011Reported Abusive Post
10/18/20111 karma cookie-Rabid_Wolf
10/14/2011Hi Friend _ Wing-ed
10/11/2011Blondie, Tuco and Angel Eyes?
10/11/2011Good karma from Gaia
10/10/2011Let it go! no matter what others think of you, it is none of your business!
10/9/2011Angel Eyes :)
10/7/2011From one angel to another, have a blessed evening xoxo
9/30/2011Sweety pretty loveliness
9/23/2011Country is good...Government is BAD.
9/22/2011Agree with you 1000%
9/22/2011I LOVE my country. I HATE my government. QUIT YOUR IDIOTIC NWO SHILLING!
9/22/2011That is the most retarded statement I have ever read. Moreover, when making a statement like that, spell right!
9/22/2011Cry me a river..stand up and stop allowing your imperialistic war mongering leaders destroy the rest of the world and maybe people would stop hating on your lard asses
9/22/2011Get to your bunker elite scum
9/11/2011Hi Angel love angels lol :hf:
9/6/2011For refusing to see the light and not able to read the bible plus giving me bad karma
9/6/2011Good input
9/3/2011We kissd on new years once ^^
9/1/2011Ftom a clown to an angel
9/1/2011From one angel to another... xoxo
8/22/2011'cause you're a "person of interest" LOL! xoxo
8/22/2011This green won't make you paranoid =D
8/22/2011Needed that direct tv laugh.

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