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SnakeAirlines's Karma

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8/18/2011Here... Don't wish bad things for others.
8/18/2011You seem to be collecting these. here you go, you can have another
8/18/2011Cause youre cool
8/17/2011What a jerk!
8/17/2011He keeps it real
8/17/2011Disgusting slime bag, no morals having, confrontational fuck nugget, and delusional disinfo agent to boot
8/17/2011No need for this kind of vularity
8/17/2011He speaks the truth
8/16/2011Good post
8/16/2011Spamming zionist psycho
8/16/2011Bit of a cunt
8/15/2011DutchSinse does NOT spew crap....
8/15/2011Sutchsinse is better than you
8/15/2011Reported Copyright Violation
8/15/2011Cause your an ass.
8/15/2011I hate snakes too - but I like your posts
8/15/2011Old times sake.
8/15/2011I hate snakes
8/15/2011Spot on!
8/14/2011Brining you back to even
8/13/2011You're still an asshole and shill...
8/13/2011Cuz he has done more cid than me! And that's really saying something!
8/13/2011King Shill!
8/13/2011Funny post
8/13/2011A voice of reason. I enjoy his posts and his debunking of the clowns..
8/13/2011Bad behaviour
8/13/2011Never seems to add anything of substance to the threads
8/13/2011Very good advice on the wood stove. People need to be aware.
8/12/2011Chemtrail troll
8/12/2011The truth is always a good thing!
8/12/2011Poor post
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