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8/16/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/13/2019"...You Fredo!" hahaha! looks like we have a new descriptor for 'traitors'. memes incoming! kudos. ;-) morgan
8/10/2019Too stupid to survive the totalitarian gun confiscation RAIDS
7/27/2019Thanks for your contribution to thread - DYBYBA
7/3/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/16/20197x oil
6/3/2019You are shilling for 5G
5/24/2019"...He uses his private citizen @RealDonaldTrump twitter account to speak his mind on matters political but ..." great post! Kudos! :-) morgan
5/22/2019You're an NPC all right.
5/8/2019Suck it
4/18/2019For a great summary of the Trump-John Birch Society connection
4/14/2019Your mom pinned this thread.... Hahahaha NowIhave
4/8/2019Thanks for commenting on my Perdue Misinformation thread! TrustNoOneKS
2/17/2019You should've read the news reports..The guy died and the other driver fled
1/13/2019Good winter driving advice.. Robbiew
1/2/2019Great immigration response -Brightside
12/28/2018Great post in pet thread - good work in the world
12/20/2018An enemy of life liberty and PROPERTY 54321...!
12/14/2018Rock on!
11/30/2018Nice stated about liberty....lance from BC
11/30/2018A know it all - no one likes them
11/29/2018Puppet ass Mark
11/22/2018Pit bull owners are low IQ for the most part. Drugs, Dogs and Dumbelles
11/21/2018Pit bull owners are low IQ for the most part. Drugs, Dogs and Dumbelles
11/18/2018Not worth it

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