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Stefan Parlow's Karma

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5/17/2020Aliens Landing, Worldwide Mega-earthquakes, Rapture in July
5/1/2020Where are the fucking aliens, tard?
4/11/2020Meds...take 'em
4/11/2020Fraudster, hoaxer and flat out liar! Oh, and they are a rapturetard as well!
10/23/2014There's only 1 god, the christian god, you WILL burn in hell
7/31/2014You need some green for your posts in explain hell thread.
7/31/2014Green from ANHEDONIC
7/29/2014I never said mystics were Christians
6/18/2014Speak english moran<
6/12/2014Be quiet Negro lover
2/27/2014You need good karma so here's my vote!
2/23/2014Mystics are not Christians
2/19/2014I believe in what he is saying!
1/30/2014Intelligence of a jellyfish.
1/17/2014II agree with you but you should not give two stars if you don't like a post, instead coment on it and start an insightfull discussion.
1/7/2014Keep it up
12/20/2013Didn't your momma ever teach you not to be sticking those things up your arse?
12/20/2013Fuck yourself
12/6/2013Mock SolarGuardian now
11/15/2013What a dumbfuck.
10/7/2013Absolutey True
10/7/2013Awesome thread!
8/27/2013F o
8/26/2013Hmmm. -pi
6/19/2013OP is silly...lol
5/14/2013Good man
5/12/2013What makes you think its the most bs thread, try explaining why. otherwise proving that you havn't read the thread.
5/11/2013You deserve a little more good karma :) Frater
5/10/2013Me tel u is one of the beast threads on GLP ever. you must be an new ignorrent poster
4/25/2013Turning your back on your people/history. Shame on you
4/14/2013Stefan is an ignorant moron
4/13/2013You make no sense
4/11/2013Ignorant know it all.
4/10/2013There will be no rapture
4/10/20131 for senses from Funney
4/5/2013Greetings from ANHEDONIC
3/24/2013Hey Stefan.... - ANHEDONIC
2/20/2013FC Napoli Football Player -- ~Tandym
2/19/2013For sharing messages containing wisdom - ANHEDONIC
2/8/2013How dumb are you?
2/5/2013Why to Shill?
2/1/2013Thanks RayGun
1/31/2013You nmust like red.
1/30/2013A low IQ racist
1/29/2013Thank you for contributing to the thread! Junkyard Lily :-)
1/29/2013Wise words
1/25/2013Talk about low IQ..you have the comprehension of a fuckin 4 yr old with full blown down syndrome
1/24/2013We're not racists
1/24/2013Ass licker.
1/20/2013Full of Bull
1/19/2013You're such a dumbassâ¦you simply did not watch the Iran video Idiot..watch and see how sarcastic the thread was
12/29/2012You're a liar
12/13/2012How sad for you. A man-made rapture you bought hook, line & sinker
12/12/2012Lmfao, "as a person with close contact with Jesus Christ" hahahhahahab I love this site!!
11/27/2012Call out lies and back up with no facts of your own.
11/20/2012Right point
11/20/2012Great answer on two witnesses thread{waterman}
10/24/2012For name-calling those you disagree with.
10/18/2012Great post regarding religion and the bible.
10/16/2012Good one
10/12/2012For being a mystic
10/8/2012Negative bull
9/25/2012Can't tell if shill, troll or just stupid.
9/23/2012Mysticism is bad
9/21/2012EleKtroN was here :)
9/2/2012Green, because you could use a positive. Intelligent people are often picked on here
8/28/2012Agreed with me
8/28/2012Until people have their own personal experiences outside of the confines of religion, they will always limit the concept of the source of creation- acegotflows
5/6/2012Idiot. Im racist and my IQ is 120... Many smart people dont like black.. because they are smart enough to know better.
4/24/2012Pretty smart aren't you.
4/24/2012Well said !!
4/14/2012Yes man - Im not racist ;DD word up! ONE LOVE - WuDSTef
4/8/2012Butt Fucker Extrodinaire - Loves Beastiality - I feel sorry for your dog :(
3/24/2012I don't get drunk.
2/2/2012Claiming to be a 'mystic' - Only gullible fools believe in mystical abilities.
1/24/2012Nice comment
1/15/2012For being an Austrian asshole!!!!
12/20/2011I agree with your opinion of innervoice...Carol B.
12/4/2011You are a big dope for your views on America.
11/30/2011V :)
11/26/2011For being a mystic
10/22/2011I personlly channel Jesus :bsflag:
10/22/2011For New Age BS
10/20/2011For judging
10/20/2011Prick and then some.

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