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JoJo1973's Karma

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6/14/2019Sanctimonious little shit, aren't you. "Earth was gorgeous once, etc." Eat your pablum, asshole, don't type it.
3/29/2019Diamond of truth
3/12/2019Sneakers is very good movie
1/18/2019Excellent post on prepping. Bright Blessings Des
1/12/2019For Karen Carpenterâ¤ï¸ðŸ¼. Squonk
12/17/2018Green for Melania
11/4/2018Sorry to read about your cat. RIP Socks
11/4/2018For you cat - The Borg King
11/1/2018Excellent article! Thank you!
10/28/2018Prayer for socks
10/28/2018So sorry to hear your cat. :( Diabolical. My condolences.
10/14/2018Good points jojo. ~shellyjac
9/30/2018Nice post
8/7/2018Happy Birthday! ~~sseess
8/6/2018Chicago post is wise & true/brighteyes likes it!

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