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Dr. House's Karma

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10/15/2015Wow, what a well thought our written reply. Thanks! agree 100%
3/11/2013Fun thank you
11/24/2012Nice talk!
12/11/2011Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
11/21/2011Always thought you were an articulate poster. - Vision Thing
11/17/2011Great post
10/5/2011Good stuff
10/3/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/1/2011Awesome reply!
10/1/2011Because you've made some good points
9/29/2011Excellent post in alcoholism thread -- from goodmockingbird
9/29/2011For your honest view of humanity. And for the blessing of Mrs. House.
9/29/2011Only gentle answer to a sensitive question in a pile of moronic hurtful comments
9/26/2011You were right Azila
9/24/2011Great info on storing water!!!!
9/24/2011Yes, yes, yes to every horrible thing you said about carpet.
9/23/2011Karma for you dude at least you no of which you speak.
9/23/2011U are a fantastic contributer to posts
9/22/2011For temp breakdown
9/19/2011As always awesome on your science
9/19/2011For your post about respecting women--oh_yikes
9/19/2011For your comment on the spider thread. Life is precious. --spacegoat
9/18/2011Smart guy ~TheBroker
9/18/2011Bible thumper
9/17/2011For spreading some common sense
9/17/2011Go House!
9/17/2011For being a real man. - Debauchery
9/15/2011Smarty pants are sexy
9/11/2011Your really are an asshole
9/10/2011As always, quality posts.
9/9/2011Just because
9/7/2011AWESOME medical info in the antibiotics thread dude!
8/23/2011Helpful post.
8/22/2011TOEM Greetings from Tyranny
8/22/2011Cause you deserve it
8/22/2011Well written post
8/22/2011For levity and expertise. you always add a dose of reality to threads
8/22/2011A very good post!
8/21/2011Bad ideas
8/19/2011Boo....take a Vicodin
8/18/2011For posting BS
8/18/2011Anyone who supports eugenics deserves it. :)
8/16/2011Any supporter/defender of eugenics deserves it.
8/16/2011Always well thought out posts

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