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sashita's Karma

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3/28/201823andME. love Miss Cleo
2/11/2018For supporting the dream MySoul
7/21/2016Hahaha,...makes a sweet green 50 for ya. ~Z
7/19/2016HMMM glad u colored ur "photo" in, grin, else it is a double :)
6/17/2016JFK truth. strgzr
6/3/2016Arizona green. Hot enough for ya today? Factual Error
4/25/2016Thank you for sharing your story in the thread about my Dad, and I'm so happy that they were able to reverse the damage done to your husband. AnonymousGirl
12/29/2015Great reply in the pyrex thread. Thx. hp
11/19/2015We may be on the same wavelength right now, let's hope we're wrong. - TwoInThePink
9/29/2015Doom thread - Keats
5/29/2015Green karma outreach program. ~Z
1/11/2015You not crazy... this is the end.
12/27/2014Thank you 11-15
11/13/2014Hello from ~T~
10/27/2014Green hello from ~T~
10/25/2014Good post
10/25/2014Hit the nail on the head with NYC Doctor. -33
10/25/2014Well said
8/20/2014Thank you for setting the Mass schedule straight for idiot OP..the quite one
7/18/2014T-man :)
7/13/2014Good post
3/29/2014Hi from Earth420 :)
2/1/2014Hope you are having a great weekend, from ~T~
12/8/2013Green for you Sashita, from ~T~
10/13/2013For enrolling in Obamacare.
9/7/2013Astute observations =}.
9/7/2013Excellent thread,...thank you for posting. Many people avoid posting because they do not wish to have their thoughts flamed. Good on you. ~Z
9/7/2013TPTB Scared --- good notice --- ElenaC
9/7/2013I've noticed. Quack
9/7/2013Like minds, peace and hold steady! :)
9/7/2013Excellent post! my 2 cents
9/7/2013Don't be such a stranger! :)
9/7/2013Good thread topic! morgan
9/7/2013I've had the same feelings all my life too. Arete11
9/7/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
9/7/2013Thank you for posting, I am like you and post very little, but am here all the time. Good insight and hypothesis.
9/2/2013Good sense :) Vold3mort
8/2/2013My motto is: Die with your face done. =}.
5/29/2013Thank you ~ Fatalw1shes
5/28/2013From Prescott
4/23/2013<3 love-Holldoll
4/22/2013You are of the devil and the NWO
4/8/2013Nice to have you here, Isis One
3/9/2013Good post on the panic attacks :)
3/2/2013Speaks from heart- not ego :) -ssss
2/22/2013Very Helpful With Her Knowledge
2/18/2013So sick of all the ignorant Petrus posts! You rock! ~Gigolo Jesus

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