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AlasBabylon's Karma

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8/29/2011451 prays you are right
8/26/2011Is a moron.
8/25/2011Total fucking idiot
8/25/2011Him dewete posts like a wittle baby fucker. ASSHOLE!!
8/24/2011Fun times
8/24/2011Because you don't have a message > here's one: Love is the answer(!) good Luck
8/24/2011Thanks for the info
8/23/2011You are cool and bring a truly unique persective <3
8/22/2011Coolest thread EVER!!! (Oct. 28, 2011) =)
8/20/2011A sweet soul
8/19/2011PMS much?...try not being so nasty
8/19/2011Stupid usless arguing, not needed
8/19/2011Stupid post...looks like the karma system isn't going to raise the GLP IQ one bit. :(
8/18/2011Tells truth about the edomite jews
8/16/2011You didn't deserve some of the disgusting stuff said here
8/16/2011Shit head
8/16/2011Irwin is a good man
8/16/2011I'm sick of seeing your name.
8/15/2011Hates Ron Paul, stupid thread!
8/15/2011For not being like everyone else
8/15/2011Comments make sense
8/15/2011For passing judgment on people! :(
8/15/2011Nazi wannabe
8/14/2011I like the Putin threads
8/13/2011He knows who the enemy is.
8/13/2011Intelligent and factual responses. appreciate the history lesson. much obliged. tg
8/13/2011Has demonstrated the foresight to add a history background to pair with new content of the post, very kool...
8/13/2011Bad Ass Post
8/13/2011Because, I dont want to see people who believe in Christ gets negative votes
8/13/2011Is this vote against you under gods control?
8/13/2011Unreasonable bad karma, should be at least nuetral
8/12/2011Unclean food, is for Jews and Muslims

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