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**ZetaMax**'s Karma

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9/27/2018Good point. -Rev
11/19/2013You're not a fencesitter.
11/19/2013Zeta dickwad
9/24/2012Doomtard shill
9/6/2012This Guy is a Paid Disinfo Shill!!!!
9/1/2012Only total idiots like Tuff~Kooky and dipshits who can't tell you apart from an astro supporter leave you green karma.
8/31/2012Poleshift in your karma
8/29/2012Total fucking ignorant assed Neebooboo turd.
8/23/2012A complete idiot.
8/21/2012Fuck off you amateur shill!!!.
8/21/2012From Tuff~Kooky
8/21/2012Spellcheck nazis are aholes
8/20/2012Total fucking ignorant assed Neebooboo turd. What happened on Aug 17th fag? Not a fucking thing, AGAIN! For the fucking millionth time. Stupid shit's
8/18/2012Hi! From Earth420 :)
8/16/2012Astro-shill testicle gargler, "i too stupid to figure things out on my own" astro? astro? come hold my scrotum
8/16/2012You really are a worthless intellectually dishonest troll.
8/16/2012Sir Spamalot.
8/15/2012Worthless piece of shit obsessive troll
8/15/2012Astro-shill testicle gargler, "i too stupid to figure things out on my own" astro? astro? come hold my scrotum
8/11/2012Congratulations! You have been promoted to Level 2 Disinfo Shill. At this rate, you'll be at Level 3 in no time. Great work. Your check is in the mail. - Zetas
8/11/2012Complete fucking idiot! You didn't punk shit dumbfuck, you were the punk getting owned. You tards get dumber by the second!
8/11/2012Taking out the astromust.... love to see him get rebuttaled.. /cheers
8/8/2012Completel moron.
8/7/2012Fearmongering Dis-info Agent
8/4/2012Your life is a monument to stupidity.
7/30/2012Nibiru and the detroit lions? Yea you really are retarded...
7/16/2012Nice! From Earth420
7/15/2012He's an idiot of the fifth order.
7/15/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
6/21/2012At least you have given up on Nancy, but please drop the woowoo bs and think things through.
6/11/2012One for the "LIES COACH"
6/10/2012Stupid abounds.
6/2/2012Been a tard!
6/1/2012Keeps promoting false prophets like Nancy and Clif.
6/1/2012Fail Coach
4/11/2012Truth coach lolololololol
3/6/2012Keeps promoting false prophets like Nancy and Clif.
2/12/2012Truth coach? LOL! Let me know when you actually start telling the truth.
12/27/2011Happy 1000 pages!
12/4/2011Doomtard...Clif wrong again!
10/23/2011Love from Earth420!
8/20/2011ZetaMax is no "Truth Coach"
8/13/2011I've seen his posts in earlier threads, and so I'm countering the -1 karma
8/12/2011Trollage, wankage and loon drool

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