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ambiguity unlimited's Karma

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7/28/2013Crap unlimited
9/10/2012If you don't like the 'drama' then go back to doing what assholes like you do best...nothing.
8/8/2012To re-balance the red... You're a douche!
8/1/2012To balance out the red!! - La Femme
8/1/2012For being a lying POS
8/1/2012Thanks for not giving me bad karma, I would have been that much more sad. Expertofsound
7/26/2012Good info on gun control Oubliette
2/1/2012To compensate for Briefs report. Don't feel bad. It's the only way he can get karma. Good on you for standing up to him.
9/11/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)

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