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9/11/2013Aussie red
2/16/2013Brian moran!!!!
12/11/2012Happy green K for you
9/11/2012Right On!! love the quote, too. Belief is a temporary crutch, knowing is an intuitive nature abiltiy
7/9/2012Hi there
4/26/2012Fun fact for the day: Cash machines are as dirty as public toilets. -- You haven't been to GLP in some time and I've been missing you. I hope everything is OK with you! <3 Doomish
4/5/2012Just thinking the same thing LOL!
4/4/2012That is a precious document you hold OZ Thumbs up for you BB
4/2/2012To ridicule philosophy, that is to be a real philosopher. - Chrit
3/29/2012Keep ya head up - these assholes just live to fuck with you. Fight the good fight, my friend. :) -TeChNoXiC
3/29/2012Your the sheep, not Brief....
3/29/2012I rescpect a man who loves his rocks
3/28/2012Good post love it.
3/28/2012Reported Copyright Violation
3/28/2012Green room tap = Maverik
3/27/2012Intend to live 4ever or die tryin!!! Happy Green Room - Lyttlmiss
3/27/2012Earth420 :)
3/27/2012Midnite rider
3/27/2012Karma for you..green room party... > PEACE! EvilMoney
3/26/2012Karma Run! Eldari
3/26/20121 green from barbara imjustsayin
3/19/2012Reported Copyright Violation
3/19/2012Reported Copyright Violation
3/19/2012Quote for the day: "Dad always thought laughter was the best medicine, which I guess is why several of us died of tuberculosis." - Jack Handey -- Thanks for the green! <3 Doomish
3/19/2012If you don't go out on the limb... how are you going to get the good apple? Happy GR Lyttlmiss
3/18/2012Hey whats up down there? -i am LonghairKing
3/18/2012From john goz
3/18/2012Green room party! - HI.Lander
3/18/2012PayBacks R Green - GR ~KirtSpiracy~
3/18/2012Green Room!! Woohoo green from Fatalw1shes
3/18/2012Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma Cameleonnn - T Man
3/16/2012Midnite rider
3/16/2012From Earth420 :)
3/15/2012Hello Friend! from Missouri Foxtrotter
3/15/2012G R E E N - Half Past Midnight
3/15/2012Thank you for being a responsible and sober GLP member!- J_Tribble
3/15/2012Reported Copyright Violation
3/15/2012Oh yeah!...crazybud
3/15/2012Greeeen time from...gdchappy
3/14/2012Promotes anal -1
3/13/2012Reported Copyright Violation
3/13/2012Honeybee Karma ~ Jane Smith
3/9/2012Countering the tard who gave you negative.
3/3/2012I presume you've got the green suede shoes!!...love and hugs..:)..pinkpixiexx​
3/1/2012Quote for the day: "I feel so miserable without you, it's almost like having you here."-Stephen Bishop -- Happy Thursday, 13! <3 Doomish
3/1/2012You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be misquoted, happy GR - Lyttlmiss
3/1/2012G'day, MR2
2/29/2012Plus One! Have a great one! ~ ItsMaKa2
2/29/2012From [email protected] - Psych
2/29/2012Chocolate fudge karma - Half Past Midnight
2/29/2012Karma Visit- Indigo33
2/29/2012Green room karma from Walt
2/29/2012Lol, soooo true
2/29/2012Reported Copyright Violation
2/29/2012Green room green!....indiandave
2/27/2012Some green for you!!! Divet Digger
2/26/2012GR Rain-Man ..
2/26/2012Why do you close the door when you take a shit? What are you doing in there that.... You handed his uhmm ass to him *g
2/26/2012Karma from old guard
2/24/2012Love Earth420 :)
2/24/2012Greenz is good for you from aucuparia
2/24/2012Karma for you..green room party... > PEACE! EvilMoney
2/23/2012Thank you Green confetti!, Cpl Tunnel
2/20/2012From Tiger1.
2/20/2012Thought for the day: You can tell a lot about a person by the way he/she handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights. Thanks for the green! <3 Doomis
2/20/2012Have a great day! ^__^ ~Daikirai
2/20/2012Karma larma ding dong - Half Past Midnight
2/20/2012Green Lovins & Peace WildFlower
2/20/2012Green room hugs from samanthasunflower :)
2/20/2012Mindless dipshit aussie sheeple
2/20/2012Great Week Good Green! -Freckles
2/19/2012SOCALISH..passing green karma.
2/16/2012Cop quota post - Hagmann
1/27/2012Because he is right!
1/26/2012Karma for wanting to teach kids critical thinking skills. Faith
1/19/20121 green icewilf
1/18/2012Karma for you..green room party... > PEACE! EvilMoney
1/18/2012Green room karma from samanthasunflower
1/18/2012After blackout karma from Desert Fox
12/14/2011Cosmostard. Thanks, a student of Protean thought.
12/8/2011I hope op get hit by 4 cars - too funny dude - rickster58
11/24/2011Reported Copyright Violation
11/23/2011Back @ Ya ~KirtSpiracy~
11/22/2011Green from RoXY
11/22/2011Green Room Karma for You :) - SheBear
11/22/2011For random sprinkles of green hugs. <3 Doomish
11/22/2011Happy green goodness for u... Flycat
11/21/2011Gonviral karma 4u
11/21/2011Green room karma from samanthasunflower
11/21/2011Green room amywood71605
11/21/2011Green Room Karma - Face Palmer
11/21/2011Back atcha' ~ RebeccaLove
11/15/2011Karma hugs from the green room. Spiral Cobra
11/15/2011Karma for you! -TAC!
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