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10/24/2021Very good track record with astrology ~ LJS
10/24/2021Good post re astrological factors comin' into play w/ La Palma. Am an astrologer also....Zenobia ;-)
10/21/2021Good intel
10/20/2021Your friend - DoorBert
10/15/2021Thank you. -P Mashed Potatoes
10/15/2021Beans and lentils <3
10/12/2021So all you're going to do is 'watch' America fall. good job asshole
10/12/2021I appreciate your take on gabby and astrology and believe there is something to it ~pnb ii
9/28/2021Great Out Look
9/27/2021Great video on the Poop~ Thanks! - Very Interested
9/26/2021That's actually a really good poem.... Keilani
9/23/2021False Attack on Catholics. Stop it.
9/21/2021Stupidest fucker on glp award goes to....
9/18/2021Greenest forest blessinsg from Happy in Nature
9/18/2021I get the same.
9/18/2021You are ahead of your time. I am not voting either. Not relgious but trying to live Amish.
9/18/2021Nice to hear you moved to Appalachia! beeches
9/18/2021Nag er
9/16/2021Fuck off shill
9/13/2021Thanks for the encourgement. It's a thankless task I am only too happy to perform. Os76.
9/13/2021"You have to train yourself to stop seeing pasty white skin as the only thing that is beautiful." Agreed! from Doddering Old Fool
9/11/2021Saw youi around - hi! beeches
9/8/2021I Agree. Thanks For Speaking up.
9/8/2021I eat dog
9/6/2021News ~Moniker
9/4/2021You nailed it
8/28/2021God bless you. -PMP
8/26/2021Listen to oakhammer or he will ban you from his threads. check out how many enemies he has
6/27/2021Reported Abusive Post
6/22/2021God can anoint you the power to take on any kind of heavy storm cloud. Philippians 4:13 Psalm 28:7 138:3 68:35 Isaiah 40:29 Proverbs 3:26 24:10 Job 17:9 Hosea 11:10
6/21/2021From Adytum, a friend.
6/17/2021Anti-white libtard who thinks blacks are superior LOL
6/16/2021Liked your story of being set free ~thinking...
6/3/2021For contributing in the Blackstone thread- pe8
6/2/2021I posted your prayer request on the prayer thread. God Bless...Lance from BC
5/27/2021Reported Abusive Post
5/27/2021Reported Abusive Post
5/27/2021Reported Abusive Post
5/22/2021Republic of Texas
5/8/2021Being proud of your age :)
4/26/2021Telling someone to go to he'll because of a comment is messed up. you got to get your mind right.
4/7/2021Like your style, needle in the Eye ~GlassEyes
4/5/2021Providing cover for a scammer
4/3/2021Beginning to think the only way is to just try to get out of here clean.
3/30/2021So I guess I wasn't the only one. thank you for letting me know. I lost every friend and was cut off from my family over the 911 false flag. peace, fellow researching American
3/30/2021The cops do what they are told; if the chief and mayor are corrupt, then don't expect anything different from low man on the bottom. DUH.
3/28/2021Truth is all that matters
3/23/2021Awesome comment on magic mushrooms thread!~Fluffy Pancakes
3/23/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/23/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/17/2021Liked your post today on Jesus & peace ! ...(Moses born again)...
3/17/2021You gave them a game to play and then punished them for a year for it... you should get red but its cool you rented them a game to begin with. its still your fault tho lol
3/15/2021Living the dream on glp ... 'haven't lost a one of them' Cat Herders...
3/13/2021Regards, Bastetcat
3/4/2021Regards, Bastetcat
3/4/2021Registered Democrat huh. Red for you! go away sellout
3/3/2021"Free love is not free" history, great post - Dollar Bill
2/23/2021Greenest kindness wrapped in Love Ursabruin
1/31/2021Feminist idiot
1/26/2021The only person on the thread that makes sense, so far..
1/10/2021Green for the poem while we can still be on GLP! Docsquat
1/1/2021AI grid, scary - stay safe - Starbird
12/30/2020I stopped eating meat altogether...*facepal​m
12/13/2020Thank you for supporting the beast system that Joe Biden is helping set up. It's a good thing you helped get rid of Trump, because with him in charge, Satan's plan would have to be postpone
11/20/2020Great to see another astrologer! - Blue State Rebel
11/19/2020Beeches saying hello
11/18/2020Lol racism is your biggest concern? What a retard you are
11/15/2020Your hatred
11/6/2020Worlds biggest bully? try again
11/5/2020If you're waiting for Jesus (a sinless man) to run for President before you vote, then I'm afraid you'll never vote. King David, Moses, the 12 apostles all were sinful but God still use
11/4/2020You are missed, Bastetcat!
10/28/2020I like you too, glad to see you around! beeches.
10/23/2020News ~Moniker
10/4/2020Oh its real. Shm'a Yisroel Adonai Elohanu
10/2/2020"uh, hello? This is a conspiracy forum" LOL
10/1/2020How are things? Miss your posts Bastetcat
10/1/2020News ~Moniker
9/22/2020Words create; you're not appriciated
9/22/2020Thank you!!!! beeches
9/22/2020You asked for this
9/21/2020Keep up the good work.
9/21/2020Great points crashes usually in fall
9/21/2020You people are ridiculous.
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