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2/14/2020Its 4:20 somewhere
2/11/2020Great contribution...thank you!
2/6/2020Coronavirus thread -auntiebeads
2/6/2020Thanks for the report = Stay Safe
2/2/2020Greenest kindness wrapped in Love Ursabruin
2/2/2020Shit head
1/27/2020You are evil. Repent before it's too late !
1/19/2020For sharing about being bi
1/15/2020Fellow astrolotard! ;) ~Scorpionica
1/13/2020Socialist climate tard
1/10/2020Green. love Miss Cleo
1/3/2020Happy New Year! White Wolf :)
12/6/2019Your comments suck. as always. beeches
12/4/2019Have a great day! White Wolf :)
11/23/2019Excellent astro references -Scorpionica
11/22/2019Take it to facefuck, bitch
11/9/2019Illegal Mexican cat smuggler or is it snuggler? - Louis in Richmond
11/6/2019Thanks for your input!~kpm~
11/5/2019Good post
11/5/2019Loved your Mexico story, thx, seagull
11/4/2019Disinfo Shill. Call us all "Delusional Romantics." A leftist sympathizer, and social democrat. A deceiver
10/24/2019Have a great day! White Wolf :)
10/14/2019God Bless you, Sis.... InYerNeck
10/14/2019Thoughtful post on trans-death~green from Flashbuzzkill
10/4/2019Great post....finley
10/3/2019God gave Us, everything We need....beenthruthat.​..
10/1/2019Very interesting election thoughts - Hillary will be running thread - Blue State Rebel
9/27/2019Green. love Miss Cleo
9/26/2019Wise person! White Wolf:)
9/25/2019Like the honest perspective UNITY against the corrupt system
9/24/2019Simply put and spot-on description of whats going on and how those who see ot are viewed when trying to explain it to others-ITL83
9/19/2019Wtf are you smoking?
9/16/2019Comment in Junk DNA thread, excellent -auntiebeads
9/16/2019I like you holly! polkahonkus
9/16/2019For being a woman.
9/6/2019I did it naturally because I wanted the experience. Now I know what all the women in history have gone through. It's a life and death battle, one you may not want to go through for a child concei
9/5/2019Green for great astrology post for next year! ~White Gloves
9/3/2019Green from Honkylips!
9/2/2019Both parties are satanists. serve the Lord Jesus. amen.
9/2/2019WGON :chuckle:
8/26/2019Good post on Obama born in Kenya thread
8/12/2019"wow To think I was once a registered Democrat." I love that comment! ....nutmeg....
8/12/2019Eat kaka easy lemming.
2/25/2018Your words on the monster thread ! Fullfaith
2/23/2018Good astrology post in the nuclear war thread. Vision Thing
2/19/2018Judgemental vegan
2/12/2018For post on "I have family in SK" thread. Too much thinking going on there! Good for you! Well, no one else is going to recognise It, so I thought I would.
1/25/2018Excellent points
1/21/2018Truthful input
1/21/2018Musical green ~hillbilly
1/21/2018For your great Rectification post - curry nosher
1/21/2018Wtf? birth chart moran. ok.
1/20/2018Interesting astrology info -Arkansassy
1/11/2018Greenade incoming for your comments on the weed thread!!...good job...saved
1/4/2018I like to return karma points. You're either blind or incredibly stew-pid.
1/3/2018Negative tone
1/2/2018Was looking for that for ages ! Thanks :) I thought it was 'The Truth Seeker' Where I read it years ago.
12/31/2017To hell with Eugenics
12/31/2017Man-hating whore
12/29/2017Vaticans at the top! love, Shadilay Stargazer
12/27/2017For being a dork and dissing members
12/23/2017Great answer. True love is most important then you can have great sex
12/19/2017Thanks for posting about Wormwood. Maybe it needs an icon attached and a bump. Docsquat
12/19/2017God bless you and your sons <3 love, Shadilay Stargazer
12/15/2017With your attitude about your own country I'm happy to hear that you intend to leave. Now might be a good time.
12/15/2017Leave, Paco
12/5/2017The Original Mind
12/1/2017Have a great weekend! ~ Wyks/Tori
12/1/2017No one cares what you need talk to the bot
11/30/2017Green for putting your music out there! InfiniteDream
11/29/2017This bitch swallows it all. The problem is that once you drop your load she throws you out and drags another guy in. Ridiculous.
11/29/2017Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/29/2017Love GFG
11/29/2017Morning green karma from Gelatinous Mass
11/27/2017Overly sensitive snowflake femnazi. stop being so militant.
11/25/2017So what does that make you, a globalist piece of shit?
11/24/2017Patch is disinfo
11/19/2017Love the truth , love GFG
11/11/2017Drone thread, Eliyahu
11/9/2017Thank you, Capo
11/7/2017Cube Explanation, Blew My Mind - Shirtless Kirk
10/31/2017Good comment on Sacred Mushroom thread
10/26/2017For posting what you posted on the nature of reality and how we are manipulated into being separate,beings. Khoisansun
10/21/2017Superduper greenery for you.
10/18/2017Racist witch
10/16/2017Good posts on the Fed thread...InYerNeck
10/15/2017Bless you brother 7. :D Great joy your post brought me.
10/14/2017GLP Green for being awake! Keep on keeping on! EV
10/13/2017Exactly, THAT 13! You are wise. T. Noticer
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