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SPUD's Karma

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12/20/2012Merries to you & yours
12/20/2012Merry xmas!
12/20/2012Merry Christmas Hugs from Lady Jane
12/7/2012Roflmao Spud Funnnyyyyyyyyyyy
12/5/2012From Apollo
12/2/2012For being a great mod! :) 28m
11/28/2012Hi from Earth420 :)
11/18/2012Reciprocation...and a thanks for the tips!
11/18/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
11/16/2012For responding to my gun thread =)
10/27/2012SPUD = Wise
9/14/2012Spudddddddddddddie ^5
8/16/2012I know this karma probably doesn't mean shit, but from my heart, I feel ya. Things are abruptly changing in my life as well and not all for the better. Drive on as best as you can
8/13/2012Hope you feel better soon
8/6/2012For a great mod. :) 28m
7/28/2012We all figured that out decades ago. Amen.
7/23/2012For a great mod! :) 28m
7/23/2012Thanks very much Spud, for answering my question. I have been easily distracted as of late to not see the redeem button! LOL Thanks again : ) starrynytes
7/17/2012Good post ! - acid trip
7/16/2012Well played, peace love and understanding. LP
7/13/2012Enough said
7/13/2012To spice things up
6/19/2012Karma time....
6/10/2012For a good spud. :) 28m
6/4/2012Hot potato !!
5/26/2012I love the money from Zimbabwe. I actually have one of those on my desk that I got from there ... A Friend
5/20/2012Spud For The Motherfucking Win Woot!
4/30/2012Tx for the 'puter help, Isis One
4/23/2012For the heads up on the Karma...Much Appreciated - Dark Match Jones
4/12/20121 Up
4/10/2012Green back at ya for understanding! --Voltiac--
3/31/2012Hey old friend. :) 28m
3/29/2012Spudatochip ++++++++
3/27/2012Karma bro... BAM!!!!
3/19/2012Because You Fucking Rock Spud!
3/15/2012Good ol' SPUD!
3/9/2012Give me a reason mate.. Sir Griffo
2/15/2012Love from Greece. :)
2/7/2012Spud Kicks Ass.
2/7/2012For a great spud, :) 28m
2/5/2012Spuddie rocks !!!
1/19/2012I still Love YOU/ Gilles The Thrill
1/10/2012.-- . .-.. .-.. -.. --- -. .
1/2/2012Xxxxxxxxxxxx wel jel
12/24/20112011 karma +1.
12/24/2011Thanks, you too.
12/23/2011Positive Karma, Fuck Yeah! @! @! @! @! @! @!!!!
12/20/2011Love Sway x
12/20/2011Karma bump!
12/8/2011From OM
12/7/2011Spuddies awesome
12/4/2011SPUD rocks!
12/1/2011Lol.. sry.. was going for sarcasm.. C.p.. will you remove them for me?
11/24/2011Spuddie FTW
11/22/2011Thanks for maintaining GLP! -dilke
11/14/2011Foul language
11/13/2011Plus one
11/10/2011Thanks for fixing the 'couldn't post' issue. ~Sandi
11/3/2011Karma blessings
10/31/2011You just got caught up in a drive-by Karma attack by Doommincus Maximus
10/30/2011Road trip karma ~ Jane Smith
10/16/2011Good job, you should silence those ppl once and for all
10/15/2011Redistributing some karma wealth
10/13/2011For schooling that dumb bitch who posted her facebook, loaded with IRL info.
10/12/2011Undoing the abusive post karma. I really appreciate that.
10/12/2011U just received positiv karma from sharty mc bean!
9/30/2011For good thoughts for Piggy
9/29/2011For watching my video
9/27/2011For being compassionate.
9/25/2011Thank you for the Elvin Bishop video, "Gotta Put On My Travellin' Shoes". That and "Goin' Fish, Fish, Fish, Fish, Fishin'" were 2 of my late hubby's favorites
9/25/2011The Tator
9/23/2011More Karma for you Spud....
9/15/2011Fixed the copyright, paid the finder karma and didnt nuke the offender.. thats pretty fair
9/12/2011For believing me Love Sway x
9/11/2011Good comment.
9/11/2011For funny MOD PWNAGE. - I steal rainbows
8/30/2011Epic AV.
8/30/2011Mmmmm potatoes
8/30/2011Pretty awesome for a tater!!!
8/30/2011Potatoes are good!
8/30/2011Spudikins gives me a nipple wood ;)
8/22/20114 being a helpful spud!
8/19/2011Because :)
8/18/2011Your couch potato avatar is funny!
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