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Ozicell's Karma

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5/22/2013Peace ~Kindadistorted
5/16/2013Trolling the thread
5/13/2013Karma love from samanthasunflower
5/11/2013The coolest bean in the brew
5/9/2013I had an long ago friend named Elsbeth :) Cheers, KarinZa
5/8/2013In christ - TheWorldsEnemy
5/8/2013Thank u. much love
4/20/2013Good post
4/3/2013Septenary Man - sorry for the confusion!
4/1/2013Good thread, thanks! SirFrance'sBeercan
3/25/2013For managing your alien invasion thread so well! Very pleasant, not defensive, good work keeping it alive. - Jovian
3/25/20131 for coexistence .)
3/24/2013TastyThoughts saying thanks for the news.
3/24/2013Interesting video
3/12/2013Love your 'enemies' - so right. Sloane
3/10/2013Well said on the Vatican thread 1John 2:27...it's good to be alive, Marty
3/8/2013For time travel ~ p. borelalis
3/5/2013For the 5* rating on my post re: prject AWARE. thanks!
2/21/2013Super awesome. Friendly waves gathering momentum.
2/17/2013Peace from axo az :P
1/31/2013Hi from requiem
12/28/2012Good man~sonic doom:)
12/25/2012Good comment on religion waitn4end
12/9/2012Agreed Goneviral
12/7/2012Much love, Bea:)
11/28/2012Cause your an agent of some kind..(either FBI, CIA, NSA, or DHS), that's why!
10/18/2012Thanks for comment in jupiter thread. --digital mix guy
10/14/2012Teaches The Truth1 jdb
9/24/2012For letting me know I am not alone with seeing the numbers. SkinnyChic
9/14/2012Quantum plus one; Alien Commander Omd I
9/11/2012You are not alone.
9/10/2012Just Bea-cause :) Bea Nameless
9/4/2012Wankin arse
9/4/2012Rising Son - buddy karma :-)
9/2/2012VERY NICE illusion man, thank you! Expertofsound
8/27/2012So glad you posted this! I have wondered about this same thing. : ) - cutetornadoF5
8/20/2012Free will / Religion / Cult post - ANHEDONIC
7/18/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
7/2/2012Take your right thumb and place it next to your left thumb. Then, take both thumbs and jam them up your ass, where they belong.
7/2/2012I like people that don't take themselves too seriously
6/15/2012Are you capable of thought
6/14/2012Your a fucking braindead fool
6/13/2012Commenting on crystal thread D'Light
6/13/2012Crystal thread! ~Christine~ TY for being awake!
6/13/2012Why not.
3/28/2012Put the crack pipe down bro...
3/25/2012Ditto :)
3/16/2012If you cannot keep up take notes, as people will not keep spoon-feeding you knowledge
2/23/2012Provable Alien Intelligence; from: Alien Commander Omd I
2/16/2012For you, your wife and daugther!
1/9/2012For good imput~DoubleHelix
12/29/2011God bless you - Dease
12/23/2011You are grace!
11/17/2011Good karma for not hating on people! ~Roentgen
11/16/2011Interesting response, Alien Commander Omd I
11/10/2011Bad karma for promoting a terrible plan for the US
11/10/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
11/2/2011Good one
10/8/2011Karma for seeking truth & your overall pleasant nature!....Danly
10/8/2011For being so observant!
9/23/2011You got it !
9/23/2011Love your thought of the day- sleeping giant
9/2/2011Ysunami vid, wow thanks. very sad.
9/2/2011Amazing Film
9/2/2011Excellent video!
9/2/2011Good karma for good post on J-tsunami vid! :) Kristine Tammy Marie
9/2/2011Great vid.. good find
9/2/2011Awesome Tsunami thread. +1
9/2/2011Made me aware of something
9/2/2011Just because.
9/2/2011From RT
9/2/2011Amazing video. thanks for sharing
9/2/2011Amazing find OP
9/2/2011Great find on the Tsunami
9/2/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/1/2011Good find on the tzunami
9/1/2011Great video - Mulletman
9/1/2011Thanks for the video on the tsunami from first person perspective
9/1/2011Nice Thread, amazing link
8/21/2011For giving me a rose,,,,awww, shucks...
8/19/2011Brilliant observation
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