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2/16/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/16/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/15/2013Fucking retard!
2/15/2013I will put a naked Adam and Eve in my garden of Eden
2/14/2013You have become what you preach against.
2/11/2013Just because i think your wrong discussion is always good...thanks for letting me show others a different way to think...Mr2
2/10/2013Religitard dumb ass
2/9/2013Fuckwitted creationist
2/9/2013Are you upset because there are less children for you to molest?
2/9/2013Although I not an atheist, I have to disagree with your notion that the existence of complex things can be used as evidence pointing to the existence of a diety. (Here_For_Donuts)
2/2/2013Thanks for support of the truth
2/2/2013You are a demon of temptation and need a spanking from Jesus
2/2/2013It means you need more red for always thinking stupid
1/31/2013Bag of dicks you are
1/30/2013It means that you're a statuetard.
1/17/2013You really are a super ignorant, delusional tard aren't you? Read something other than your bible maybe and start using your brain, or at least acknowledge the fact that you've evolved a bra
1/14/2013Why do you insist on proving your ignorance time and time again? I
1/14/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/13/2013Spreading the cults lies
1/6/2013Read a book
1/5/2013Im interested in ur posts.. thechick
1/4/2013Friends can agree to disagree agreeably : )
1/4/2013Hugs & Kisses - Darwin
1/1/2013Endless nonsense threads.
12/31/2012Happy New Year ! From Tiger1.
12/31/2012Deceiver & filled with Legion
12/31/2012It wasnt judas
12/31/2012Attention whore
12/30/2012Seducing spirit
12/30/2012Pardon me, mr annoying twat, but why wont you stfu with your badly written threads?
12/29/2012You're a loon
12/29/2012Fuck you nwo israelinazi scum
12/28/2012A little surfin' karma!!! ~e1
12/27/2012Good thread!
12/27/2012Bible thumping sheep
12/25/2012Counteracting some ill-deserved red karma. (L&L)
12/25/2012Jesus Hates You
12/24/2012Marry Christmas!
12/21/2012For the Bassett hounds ! Merry Christmas ! From Tiger1.
12/13/2012You're a cult following fool
12/13/2012For guts to keep posting what you belive
12/13/2012You are a terrible person and i can only imagine you are mean to puppies and kittens for fun... DottoDot
12/9/2012Your religious intolerance defies logic please enough already
12/9/2012Cult freak
12/8/2012For having a psalm from the Good Book in your sig :)
12/6/2012Forum spammer
12/6/2012Did God create my perfectly round fuzzy balls, Mr.DGN?
12/5/2012Adam =the biggest idiot and moron to have been created. All his fault!
12/2/2012For makimg me smile :) tara
12/1/2012Luv to fellow demon fighter fr Who is Blue Fairy
11/30/2012Creationism for the win!
11/29/2012The debtr is leverage and blackmail. From Tiger1.
11/29/2012I love your threads
11/29/2012Dumb shit
11/28/2012So salty
11/28/2012Just because you're an idiot, that's all
11/26/2012Talking to dead people
11/25/2012Evolutionists are wrong and will always remain that way!
11/23/2012The LS9 on the dyno was great. ChvyV8Bldr. I'd love to bolt it in my 08 4X4 Silverado. I have a 5.3L 305 HP 4:11 gears
11/22/2012Stop talking shit behind my back! Charles Darwin.
11/18/2012For your post ! Those who are humble are also child-like. From Tiger1.
11/18/2012Wing-ed Karma
11/17/2012Who is Blue Fairy
11/17/2012Get a new shtick, no one cares and you are annoyingly dumb!
11/15/2012Demons and satan and babay jesus ohh my! ~Kharn
11/15/2012Not you again. You're threads are the most annoying.
11/15/2012Is it that time again? Don't be a Darwin Dimwit
11/13/2012He posted pretty music that made me cry
11/12/2012For being such a turd.
11/11/2012You are a fucking retard.... who had to evolve to that point
11/11/2012Awesome bird vid ! From Tiger1.
11/11/2012Dumb-assed creationist
11/11/2012For being a Christian dude
11/10/2012Urine Idiot !!!
11/9/2012Never give up. Never give in.
11/9/2012If your god exists He will punish your for your retardations.
11/6/2012Just because fr Who is Blue Fairy
11/3/2012Idiotic horse shit
11/3/2012You rally the dumbest person on this site and you prove that the bible is wrong and your mason based religion is nothing but lies for the weak... such as yourself.
11/3/2012Too stupid to understand science.
10/25/2012Escape from that cult while you can
10/25/2012Study the bible and keep jesus in your heart, quit blindly following a cults misguided opinions
10/24/2012You are romantic - so nice in this world today. :) Sloane
10/24/2012Love your nice fertile garden. 8)
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