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10/24/2012I like your posts, you need some good karma!!! Adding you as a friend...Likes are similar
10/22/2012Sorry the world is still picking on you fr Who Is Blue Fairy
10/2/2012Propaganda machine
9/30/2012Fucking Stupid
9/29/2012For your peregrine falcon thread. :) 28m
9/28/2012There's more green where this came from if you'll just give up on Darwin. 8)
9/26/2012Satanic Kristard
9/25/2012Just felt like it.
9/24/2012Who are you trying to convince? Your little JW cult is bad enough by itself, but add in your self righteous additude and dumb ass theories are a no sale . Go back to door to door sales.
9/20/2012I really dont understand why you keep making threads
9/19/2012Great post
9/18/2012Pinocchio is my fav, most relevant movie, you are so right, they are all off to the salt mines already, fr Who is Blue Fairy
9/18/2012Unintelligent design. You missed the point but you were oh so close.
9/18/2012For God and Jesus :) - Dr. Acula
9/17/2012Feast of Trumpets karma, Brother!
9/17/2012Your belief in God is only exceeded by your lack of common sense.
9/16/2012I know intelligent design didn't bring about you, you're dumb as shit and unbelievably boring and irritating
9/16/2012Another red one for 'intelligent design' stupidity
9/15/2012Green for you
9/15/2012Have a good karma vote
9/12/2012Congratulations! You've now evolved into a fuckwit!
9/11/2012Sick of you and your simpering, sarcastic threads
9/11/2012You are tied with ttown for most ignorant and annoying threads on GLP. Congratulations, you are finally King of the Derps!
9/11/2012Darwin tard
9/11/2012For trying to make something out of nothing. The nothingness sure shine through doesn't it? LOL.
9/8/2012To call you retarded would be a disservice to those who are handicapped through no fault of their own.
9/6/2012You Are as Fucking Stupid as Your Book!!!! Fuck The Mason Who Created Your Religion And Didnt Beliveve What he Preached!!!!
9/6/2012Get lost
9/5/2012A closed mind is a wasted mind.
9/5/2012You don't get it do you
9/3/2012For your stupidity
9/2/2012Keep kickin Darwin's Ass ;)- Batmom
9/1/2012I think it's rather obvious by now.
9/1/2012Piss of with your annoying threads. I always hear a camp voice reading the titles. Are you homo?
9/1/2012Just go away.
9/1/2012Thread about the earth.
9/1/2012Good video
8/31/2012Keep the replies on your topics maybe you might get green karma
8/30/2012Shut the fuck up. dick head. Mr asshole. Your a total idiot
8/30/2012Dumb braindead
8/29/2012Evolution is the great deception
8/29/2012Alright... I lied you at first, but no I'm annoyed. Stop posting this bullshit - SPAMMER!
8/28/2012Do not be deceived: God is not mocked. You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's desires.
8/28/2012Hahahaha moran!!!!
8/28/2012Religispamming cunt
8/25/2012You Are Fucking Stupid Stop With The Waste of Post Space!!!!
8/25/2012For the atheisttard-suckerpun​ches! - STT
8/24/2012Stay strong. :-)
8/23/2012Right on! If evolution existed, you'd have been out-evolved by amobeas.
8/23/2012I doubt God appreciates the smarmy, self-righteous way you represent your "religion." Opssss Mr JW, maybe being a sarcastic asshole will send you to hell!
8/23/2012Great info -- Super Bowl Dave
8/22/2012I dunno, I just really kind of enjoy your anti-evolution spamming, Jesus loves you.
8/22/2012Total tool
8/21/2012Liar liar pants on fire, in hell.
8/19/2012God fearing man, rock on dude!
8/19/2012Yeah evolution is totally not real. Never mind the literal mountainloads of data collected in verification. Nah just ignore it. I'm sure a dusty old book of fairytales written by bronze age goat
8/19/2012Strange how Godlike Productions survived a million years before your kind of insanity showed up, right Mr. DGN?
8/18/2012Lmao, pathetic
8/17/2012We get it, you don't believe in Evolution. Don't need to keep spamming fucking threads.
8/16/2012More Darwin? More smiting!
8/15/2012Seek a psychiatrist..
8/15/2012Turds like you thought the world was flat too.
8/15/2012Stupid religiotard
8/15/2012I'd give you negative karma but you seem to be a masochist and would enjoy it on some sexual level
8/14/2012Sheesh whos giving you all this bad karma, I counter it! Fr Who is Blue Fairy
8/14/2012You suck.. that is all
8/14/2012Stop with the creationist threads already. - Factual Error
8/13/2012You are such a fucking tard
8/12/2012Wrong, hell is very real
8/12/2012You Are Rpoof That God Can Not be Real
8/12/2012Evolution sucks
8/11/2012You're hilarious.
8/10/2012I bet at night, you splatter some maple syrup on your bible and then proceed to fuck it.
8/10/2012Twat - L
8/10/2012Not even an evolutionist but you are something. and might want to learn how to type too.
8/10/2012Good work scientifically proving god exists
8/9/2012Great Job!
8/8/2012For speaking out -- Super Bowl Dave
8/7/2012Mr.Darwin does not approve.
8/7/2012Your ignorance is strong.
8/7/2012Keep it coming DGN - what if ?
8/4/2012Standing for something keeps you from falling for anything. 8)
8/4/2012I've heard more coherent things from a schizophrenic with Tourette's.
8/4/2012Self awarness is not proof for or against evolution. YOU ARE THE DUMBEST ON THIS SITE!!!!
8/1/2012You are tied with ttown for being the most ignorant tard here. PS; God doesn't condone harassment of others
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