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7/31/2012When you allow your brain to evolve +ve karma will be yours
7/29/2012Without eyes to see and ears to hear how can they get the message?
7/29/2012Ignorant moran
7/28/2012Go away
7/27/2012Good posting; very timely!
7/27/2012Willful ignorance of basic science.
7/25/2012Post less. read more. a lot more, and try to evolve a brain
7/25/2012When people have to lie about you to make themselves feel better, you must have something you want. God notices. Blessings to you.
7/25/2012Your birth certificate is an apology from the condom factory.
7/25/2012Darwinism is the biggest bullshit being fed to humanity...but your ideas of "what really happened" are moronic and stupid to say the least !
7/24/2012A Friend
7/21/2012Hey dumb fuck. God isn't real and the bible was a childs story
7/21/2012Hello Brother of the JW. escape while you can..I did.
7/21/2012Big bang theory sucks
7/20/2012Youre welcome for the reply. -Shabbyorange
7/19/2012Darwin AGAIN? Accept the fact that you are not smart enough to understand it and move on with your pathetic life.
7/19/2012Moron asking stupid questions
7/19/2012Lol, did you get a basic education?
7/19/2012Bibletard, when will you learn?
7/19/2012Why are you still here with other peoples crap theories trying to push your faith..., you are the dumbest person on this site... easily
7/19/2012Watchtower cult member.
7/19/2012To argue evolution you must first grasp the idea.
7/16/2012You will reincarnate as an asshat. How do you like that possibility. Watch your words
7/10/2012Escape the cult...
7/8/2012I did not lie to her. You are an ignorant fool.
7/8/2012Right on.
7/7/2012Consider that you may have been led to post a thread about reincarnation in order that some unknown tuth is revealed to you. God works in mysterious ways. Man can change concepts to suit themselves, y
7/7/2012A poster who's own phrase describes him best - 'dumber than a box of donuts'
7/5/2012Keep up the good fight - what if ?
7/5/2012Bible tard
7/3/2012Just for being you. - Debauchery
7/3/2012Stop harping on the same issue in all of your threads.
7/2/2012You ARE the dumbest person on this site, unless there are people from your vids on this site.
7/1/2012For being true to yourself and your beliefs -Nemamiah
7/1/2012Bible tard
6/27/2012You need some green
6/27/2012Are you actually expecting Darwin to answer your foolish threads?
6/22/2012For the 'evolved' thread - Nemamiah
6/17/2012Sorry that you have encountered some many hate filled scared people here.
6/17/2012What's the matter asshole, hurt your little feelings? Can't handle a little opposition?
6/17/2012You have got to be the dumbest person on this site
6/17/2012Your birth certificate is an apology from the condom factory
6/11/2012You evolved from retards.
6/10/2012Da fuq?
6/7/2012Quit trying to wrap your head around Darwin. Leave that to people who can actually think.
6/2/2012Bibletard. lol
5/25/2012You should tell people you're not quoting the KJV bible
5/25/2012Keep posting your useless attempts at pretending to be a Jehovah's Witness. Nobody listens to you because of YOU, not your "message".
5/24/2012Ignore List
5/17/2012Oh, don't listen to the naysayers. Go ahead and post another 11,000 times. Surely, you might convert someone!
4/28/2012Extreme dumbass
4/28/2012I love you and i am sorry. Thanx for listening...or are you?~DH
4/26/2012How pathetic....almost 11,000 posts and yet you don't have a single convert for all your "work". You starting to get the picture maybe you're doing something wrong?
4/20/2012Ignorance, science and religion can be reconciled, you are just afraid of what you don't understand
4/20/2012Anti-evolution nincompoop
4/19/2012Go team :) - JF
4/18/2012Batshit crazy
4/14/2012Hilarious Darwin posts -- keep 'em coming!
4/14/2012Cuz you needz some.
4/13/2012Potential religious troll
4/13/2012Anti-science religitard.
4/13/2012I wish I could give you green, but God told me not to. I'm really sorry.
4/12/2012For not knowing virology, evolution and how it all works.
4/9/20121 Timothy 3 :16
4/8/2012Applies to the jewish converts who went back to jewish practices
4/7/2012You're a jackass. You make all Jehovah's Witnesses look bad.
4/6/2012Corrupt to the bone
4/4/2012Matt. 7:6
4/3/2012From DPC
4/1/2012Schizophrenic shill
3/31/2012Support of the New Jerusalem
3/31/2012You could use some green karma ---blessings!
3/30/2012More red karma for you for being an idiot. looks like others agree.
3/25/2012I pity you, since you believe in the religious fraud scam. religion was invented to separate us from Our Creator God and you're far, far from God.
3/25/2012I agree
3/21/2012True comment
3/18/2012Spammer that stupidly believes he's doing the will of God.
3/17/2012Stop spamming your empty threads. There is no light in them as you are a false christian, evidenced by the music you promote. REPENT
3/16/2012Nice video---GaryMule
3/16/2012False teaching
3/15/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
3/14/2012For seeking truth, never give up!
3/11/2012For the holy spirit thread NIP
3/3/2012Fuck off bibletard
2/28/2012God is not real, you are being purposefully stupid and you would do the world a favor if you stopped spreading your pagan lies and woke up
2/27/2012This is a CONSPIRACY website NOT for your bibble crapolla ... Ima Pseudonym
2/26/2012Prepping is godly
2/26/2012You are clearly retarded. Good luck with that.
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